2018 FHT Training Congress


The FHT is proud to be hosting its 2018 FHT Training Congress at the Holistic Health Show in Birmingham. This two-day event will feature a range of expert speakers, educating you on various topics, from therapy specific modalities to general business advice, all of which will gain you one point to count towards your continuing professional development (CPD). With 24 CPD sessions for you to choose from, don't miss the opportunity to learn new skills and grow your business.

The FHT Training Congress is being held in three private seminar rooms, just outside of the Holistic Health Show hall, in hospitality suites 28, 29 and 30. You can find the Training Congress using this map. Also, come and see the FHT stand at D12 and D18 to chat to the team and enjoy discounts in your members shop. If you have any further queries, please see our frequently asked questions. For bookings terms and conditions please click here.

Remember to also register for free entry to the Holistic Health Show on their website here. 

Sessions cost only £12 for FHT members and £15 for non-members.

Advanced booking for the FHT Training Congress are now closed.

Any remaining seminar tickets will be available to purchase on the day of the event at the Training Congress ticket desk.


We look forward to seeing you!




10.30am - 11.30am

Adverse childhood experiences - a major factor in chronic fatigue recovery
Elaine Wilkins, Room 1

‘ACEs’ or adverse childhood experiences has been coined ‘the theory of everything’. An ACE score is a predictor of chronic health issues and renders a person six times more likely to develop chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. This interactive workshop will arm you with a unique understanding and tools to help you and your clients overcome the hidden obstacles to chronic fatique syndrome recovery.

Fascia - facts and fiction
Ruth Duncan, Room 2

Love it or loathe it, fascia exists and can be a contributing factor in pain and dysfunction. But what is it? What is its role and how can it be treated? Learn what the science and research says, what not to believe and why fascial therapies are effective tools for your toolbox.

Marketing yourself to vulnerable clients
Jennifer Young, Room 3 

As therapists, we want to help people, but our skills are not always in marketing and promotion. It can be difficult enough to promote our services generally. Marketing a specific skill to a vulnerable group can feel scary. This interactive workshop helps you to navigate your way through marketing and responsible marketing to vulnerable client groups.

12.00pm - 1.00pm

Reproflexology as an integrative approach to fertility
Barbara Scott, Room 1

Reproflexology™ is an integrative approach to using reflexology to support fertility and underlying reproductive conditions for both men and women.  The integrative approach allows us to understand what the issues may be, measure outcomes and monitor progress.  This provides an evidence based approach to fertility, using reflexology as the main form of treatment. 

Kinesiology taping for the athlete 
John Gibbons, Room 2

Any physical therapist involed with assessing, treating and rehabilitating sports related injuries, or even patients that present with back and neck pain, will benefit from having taping skills. Attend this workshop to find out more!


Charge what you’re worth and get it 
Emma Hague, Room 3

Do you often feel unsure about what you should be charging? Do you feel like you can't charge what you want to, because you'll lose clients or you'd feel guilty charging more? Learn the secrets to understanding your own value and pricing with confidence, so you can finally charge what you're worth... and get it!

2.00pm - 3.00pm

Mindfulness for therapists and their therapies
Seán Collins, Room 1

There is a lot being said about mindfulness, but doing it is what counts. This isn't just a talk about mindfulness - this will be an informative and practical session specifically tailored for therapists. By the end, participants will have mastered some key principles and practices that they will be able to utilise for their own benefit and that of their clients.

The Bowen technique: 25 years on
Julian Baker, Room 2

Julian Baker has been teaching the Bowen technique for over 25 years. In that time he has seen huge changes in how we understand Bowen and many other similar approaches. This talk will look at these changes, discuss how Bowen has adapted to encompass them and use Julian's comprehensive dissection experience to explain current thinking.

Communicating with medical professionals
Jennifer Young, Room 3

Many complementary therapists feel that medical professionals undervalue their skills and remain unconvinced of the benefits of complementary therapies. Jennifer will help you to understand why your skills may not be appreciated and will give you strategies to help you to be heard.

3.30pm - 4.30pm

Addressing pain and body movement with EMMETT technique
Nic Wood, Room 1

This introduction to EMMETT technique will show you the way in which EMMETT technique allows you to address pain and body movement. You will learn about the founder of the therapy, Ross Emmett, how the muscle release therapy can be used as well as various EMMETT points.

Treating your client from injury to performance 
Cameron Reid, Room 2

Successfully treating a sports injury not only requires damaged tissues to have healed but an understanding of the cause of the injury to enable a continuum of care for a successful return to sport participation. This talk helps to bridge the gap between injury and successful return to play.

Getting the most out of social media
Alison Battisby, Room 3

Looking to boost your online presence with Facebook, or want to master the art of Instagram? Join social media consultant and founder of Avocado Social, for an interactive session on making the most of your social media.


10.30am - 11.30am

Ayurvedic kansa wand face massage
Mary Dalgleish, Room 1

This session will include a brief introduction to Ayurveda and a dosha questionnaire to discover your Ayurvedic ‘type’. Delegates will discover important marma points (Ayurvedic pressure points) of the face and observe an Ayurvedic kansa wand facelift massage being carried out. This session will conclude with a short self-massage session.

Stretching your clients
Jane Johnson, Room 2

Would you like to incorporate stretches into your massage routine? This seminar includes practical elements to show you how you can utilise and deliver couch-based and seat-based passive stretches. It also provides you with information on how to adapt your stretches to suit various clients' levels of flexibility and contraindications.

Identify your unique brilliance and authentic brand 
Emma Hague, Room 3

In this fun and inspirational session, you will discover your 'brand archetype', which unlocks the powerful, instantly recognisable presence within you that is a client-attraction and opportunity magnet. Capture your spirit, personality and passion into an authentic brand that you can use in all of your marketing.

12.00pm - 1.00pm

Laughter yoga
Lotte Mikkelsen, Room 1

Enjoy an hour of laughter yoga where you will be actively moving around and connecting with people, experiencing the benefits of extending your laughter from a few seconds to a real workout. The workshop gives you an insight into how you can choose laughter in your life, everyday.

Rapid transformational therapy (RTT)
Philippa Bottrill, Room 2

Rapid transformational therapy (RTT) is a hybrid therapy that offers unparalleled results developed by the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer, who has fine-tuned this method over 30 years. RTT  gets extraordinary results and you can often find freedom in just one session. This seminar will end with a group hypnosis session.

Making aromatherapy skincare
Penny Price, Room 3

Learning to produce skincare products for your clients can be a bit of a minefield with EU cosmetic regulation and all that goes with it. This lecture provides guidelines for bringing a new product to market and also covers dealing with a 'one-off' formulation for a face-to-face consultation in your clinic.

2.00pm - 3.00pm

Sugar, stress and sitting down – are they really a problem?
Lisa Smith, Room 1

Today’s world can be a demanding place, where we spend too much of our time with a toxic combination of stress, sitting down and sugar. This lecture looks at the negative implications of the ‘three Ss’ upon health and, more importantly, what we can do to protect ourselves against them.

Postural analysis – adding the next dimension to your treatment
James Earls, Room 2

Postural analysis is often considered diagnostic – it isn’t. Posture is only the starting position from which movement takes place and it gives information about a client’s potential for movement. Performing quick postural screenings allows therapists to ask better questions and getting better information is an essential element of giving a good treatment.

Five pointers to being with your terminally ill clients
Jane Duncan Rogers, Room 3

When facing end of life, how others behave around you is crucial, especially your therapist. In this talk, Jane introduces you to five essential things to consider with your client, in order to best support them, and facilitate as good an end of life as possible.

3.30pm - 4.30pm

Effective use of crystals for stress and anxiety
Jackie Winters, Room 1

Take control of stress and anxiety by using crystals - a natural way to calm the mind, soothe emotions and relax the body. Jackie Winters will introduce a selection of crystals and demonstrate effective placement on the body to initiate the best results to self-manage stress and anxiety.

Ayurvedic foot massage
Mary Dalgleish, Room 2

This session will include a brief introduction to Ayurveda and a dosha questionnaire to discover your Ayurvedic ‘type’. Delegates will discover important marma points (Ayurvedic pressure points) of the foot and observe an Ayurvedic foot massage treatment being carried out. This session will include a short self-massage session, working on the corresponding marma points of the hands.

Massage fusion: advanced techniques to treat chronic pain
Jing's Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather, Room 3

Massage therapists – learn how you can achieve lasting results in reducing your client’s pain within one to six weekly sessions. The ‘Jing Method’ incorporates myofascial release, trigger points therapy, sports massage skills, deep tissue and eastern techniques to successfully treat conditions such as low back pain, rotator cuff injury, RSI and herniated disc.

If you have any queries please email us at education@fht.org.uk or call the team on 023 8062 4350.




Advanced booking for the FHT Training Congress are now closed.

Any remaining seminar tickets will be available to purchase on the day of the event at the Training Congress ticket desk.