2020 FHT Training Congress



Earn up to 10 CPD points - the yearly requirement for FHT members


The FHT is proud to be hosting its 2020 FHT Training Congress at the Holistic Health Show in Birmingham. This two-day event will feature a range of expert speakers, educating you on various topics, from therapy specific modalities to general business advice, all of which will gain you one point to count towards your continuing professional development (CPD). With 30 CPD sessions for you to choose from, don't miss the opportunity to learn new skills and grow your business.

The FHT Training Congress is being held in three private seminar rooms, just outside of the Holistic Health Show hall, in hospitality suites 21, 22 and 23. You can find the Training Congress using this map. Also, come and see the FHT stand at J110 to chat with the team and enjoy discounts in your members' shop. If you have any further queries, please see our frequently asked questions. For bookings terms and conditions please click here.

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Individual seminar tickets: £12 FHT members/ £15 non-members 

Day pass: Book a full day of seminars for £50 FHT members/ £65 non-members 


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9:30am - 10:30am

The use of aromatherapy in skin health and integrity

Kate Mulliss, Room 1

Take a closer look at the skin in particular the life cycle of the keratinocyte. The programmed differentiation of this cell as it moves from the basal layer to the straum corneum is largely responsible for overall skin health and function. Skin health is also a mirror of body, mind and emotions so to complement this we will also examine the general role and actions of essential oils in promoting skin health and skin integrity along with the selection of appropriate bases when considering desired therapeutic outcome for our clients.

Practical gait analysis

Ian of Reinge Education, Room 2

Without realising it many therapists are performing gait observation rather than true gait analysis. This seminar takes the skill of gait analysis, strip it back of myth and misunderstanding and demonstrates how, with minimal equipment but sound knowledge, anyone can provide a comprehensive and truly meaningful gait analysis. Whilst focussing on running gait, the session covers the crossover with walking gait. This session will highlight how, why and what to look for and arm you with the tools to take the information forward in your own timeframe.

Why therapists still play small despite wanting to play big

Nikki Collinson-Phenix, Room 3

You made a decision to train as a therapist. You invested time and money getting qualified in the therapies you feel passionate about, to create an impact and to make a difference. So why are so many therapy businesses still playing small? In this seminar, Nikki Collinson-Phenix will explore some of the reasons why the 'solepreneur' therapist chooses to stay safe, and how and why it’s time to step out of the shadows, get visible, fill your diary and earn the income you truly deserve.

11:00am - 12:00pm

Using reflexology to help with irritable bowel syndrome

Kate Mulliss, Room 1

At any one time, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is believed to affect around 10-20% of people living in the UK. Symptoms include bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhoea and constipation and while there is no immediate cure, symptoms can be alleviated, or are treated with, various medication and dietary changes. We will examine the potential of using reflexology in assisting clients who have been diagnosed with IBS in an attempt to ease symptoms. We will focus on working particular reflexes all of which may have a positive impact on this debilitating condition.

How can the Bowen technique help pain

Paula Esson, Room 2

The Bowen Technique has been providing pain relief in the UK for the last 25 years. Understanding of the nervous system and how we ‘do what we do’ to protect ourselves is a large factor in how we experience pain and functional problems. The Bowen Technique creates an interesting neural response that appears to ‘allow space’ and balance the nervous system, helping you feel more like yourself within days. This seminar, led by Paula Esson, will include demonstrations and is a fun exploration of the technique.

Chair yoga

Richard Kravetz, Room 3

We are part of a population where, due to disability, injury, mental health or ageing, some people cannot participate in traditional mat based yoga. This talk discusses and shows you how therapeutic yoga helps address the situation by demonstrating adaptions to make it accessible to people with restricted mobility or confidence issues. Chair yoga offers inclusivity by guiding people with special needs towards maintaining a safe degree of exercise and movement, with an aim to introduce effective and accessible strategies into a person`s life and increase independence.

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Hot stone fusion for chronic migraine sufferers

Jing's Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari, Room 1

Neck and shoulder pain, including chronic migraines, is one of the most common conditions in the UK. Come along and see how neck and shoulder pain can be treated with simple and effective hot Stone Moves. This will incorporate advanced massage techniques including trigger point, fascial work, stretching and soft tissue release. This seminar is delivered by Jing Advanced Massage and Training, which is a hands-on & on-line massage training school who are dedicated to ensuring your success through teaching proven, dynamic techniques that make a difference to your clients.

Osteopathic techniques - sport and spine

Cameron Reid, Room 2

This session will demonstrate how to integrate assessment and treatment using osteopathic techniques with a full explanation of how the management and approach to the same injury may differ between your sports and non-sports clients. Cameron Reid, who is delivering this session, is a qualified osteopath, who trained at world-renowned British School of Osteopathy, London. He owns Cameron Reid Training which offers training to small groups who receive individual attention making sure they leave with new tools and confidence to move forward in their career.

How to identify your dream clients and why this should be an integral part of your business!

Nikki Collinson-Phenix, Room 3

Its near on impossible to plan an effective and strategic marketing plan of action when you have no idea who your target audience is, so why do so many therapists miss this key part out of their business? In this seminar we will explore the power that can be created when you find the ‘sweet spot’. The amazing place that is created when you bring you, your ideal client and your business vision together and understand how you can create this in your own business.


2:30pm - 3:30pm


Incorporating crystal therapy into reflexology, massage and other therapies

Shirley O'Donoghue, Room 1

A reflective practitioner is always trying to find ways to enhance and personalise the therapies and treatments they offer. In this talk we will explain just what crystal therapy is and describe the varied ways that you can incorporate crystals into your treatments and practice. Shirley O'Donoghue is Principal of Lucis College and has been teaching FHT accredited energy-based therapies for over 25 years. She is author of recently published Crystal Alchemy as well as 3 other books on energy-based therapies.

An introduction and demonstration of core postural alignment

Core Postural Alignment's Sue Weller and Allyn Edwards, Room 2

Core Postural Alignment aims to restore and maintain the static upright physiological efficient posture (PEP). A PEP is present when the whole of the body is correctly aligned to the gravitational field. The cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, energetic, excretory, fascial, immune, integumentary, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, respiratory, reproductive, skeletal and urinary systems have all been shown to improve when the PEP is restored. Restoration of the PEP moves people away from Allostasis and towards Homœostasis. Come and see a pre-assessment, an alignment and a post-assessment with full explanations.

The gut and environment in muscle and joint conditions

Dr Ese Stacey, Room 3

Chronic aches and pains, fibromyalgia fatigue and painful osteoarthritis are all conditions that can be explained by low grade chronic inflammation. Often these patients will also suffer from other inflammation (or metabolic) related conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), high cholesterol, skin conditions etc. The seminar, led by Dr Ese Stacey who is a consultant in sport and exercise medicine, will explore how the gut and environmental toxins might contribute to the inflammation that is the likely key background component of these and other chronic conditions.



4:00pm - 5:00pm


How to start your own product making business

Jemma Cooper, Room 1

Come along and join this seminar which will give you the knowledge and guidance about the prospects of building your own product making business. Whether this becomes a hobby business or leads to world domination, it will help you to set yourself clear goals. It will also cover an introduction into the legislative and testing procedures to address the journey to launch your product in the marketplace. Learn how to stand out from the rest and feel excited and passionate to start this potential new venture.

Core postural alignment - a return to innocence

Core Postural Alignment's Allyn Edwards and Sue Weller, Room 2

Core Postural Alignment (CPA) aims to restore and maintain the static upright physiological efficient posture (PEP). Recapture the ease of movement you had as a child. Restore your relationship with gravity, release the tension in your body and allow it to rest. Core Postural Alignment restores the primary alignment of the body and frees up those resources from the tyranny of holding you up against the pull of gravity so that they can be used to restore an ailing body. Allostasis to homoeostasis = a return to innocence.

Rethinking pain

Dr Rachael Watson, Room 3

Modern research in neuroscience, and the development of functional MRI scans, has confirmed what many of us already knew. Our psyche is intimately entwined with our physical health. Rachael will give an overview of how and why our psychology affects our physiology and chemistry. From our pasts to our present, from the quirks of our personalities to our lifestyle choices, from the structure of the nerve cells in our tissues to the depths of our unconscious brain. It’s weird and wonderful. And hugely important in our role as therapists.

9:30am - 10:30am

Marma therapy in Ayurveda

Dr Deepa Apté, Room 1

Marma therapy forms an important part in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic massage treatments. Marma means energy point in Ayurveda. Through Marma therapy one can balance the body types, Doshas, organs, systems, emotions and mind. Through this seminar you will be introduced to the science of Marma therapy and the basic knowledge behind its practice. Also find out how Marma therapy can be integrated into yoga sessions, meditation and relaxation. You will take points and information that you can apply in your own practice and integrate into various massages.

The Role of The Deep Spinal Stabilisers; 'The Forgotten Four!'

Ian of Reinge Education, Room 2

Discover the frequently overlooked role of the deepest of the 'core muscles'; The Spinal Stabilisers. Explore the importance of the attachment points and the resulting function of Rotatores Longi, Rotatores Brevis, Interspinalis and Semi Spinalis. Learn why they are often passed over in favour of larger muscle groups, the effects of malfunctioning stabilisers on the and how to simply identify functional weakness. Discover quick and simple tests that can be applied by any type of therapist, trainer or instructor and rehabilitation strategies for this essential muscle group.

Building a successful therapy business

Dawn Morse, Room 3

Dawn will be sharing tips and advice on how to build a successful therapy business; all from first-hand experience. Discussion will focus around identifying your business ambitions for the year ahead, identifying your unique selling point (USP) along with the use of social media and wider marketing strategies. This seminar will be useful if you are new to the industry and looking to set up your own business, moving from employed to self employed status, or if you are more experienced and seeking to expand your current business model. 


11:00am - 12:00pm

A detailed look into energy medicine

Jackie Winters, Room 1

Come along to this session and learn about frequencies and how the signals that we are emitting attract and repel situations, people and events into our life, but why? Maintaining good health with vibrational medicine requires a deeper knowledge of what is happening. This talk, delivered by accredited course provider, Jackie Winters, will offer you a brief insight into energy medicine, how to break up stagnant energy, listen to internal frequencies and find areas of imbalance as well as what you can potentially do to find harmony.

The science of stretching and place for clinical yoga

Dawn Morse , Room 2

This seminar will review the physiology of stretching and advanced stretching modalities. Discussion will be drawn to application and importance of stretching modalities within clinical treatment, along with the use of clinical yoga within a range of treatment parameters, to include aftercare and rehabilitation. This seminar is delivered by Dawn Morse, founder and lead tutor of Core Elements Training. Dawn has been working within the field of Sports Massage and Sports Therapy for over 18 years and has lectured for the University of Bath Sports Therapy Degree.

Decision making and you: a psychological approach

Dr Phill de Prez, Room 3

We all make decisions, but few people give time to analyse how we get to that decision or the numerous factors that influence that decision. In small businesses decision making underpins the possible success or failure of that business. This seminar will look at some of the key factors that influence our decision making. Do you make decisions intuitively? Are you decisive? Do you procrastinate? Come along to reflect on your decision making and gain an understanding of the process of how to make good decisions.


1:00pm - 2:00pm

Trigger point and myofascial release for safely treating herniated disc pain

Jing's Rachel Fairweather and Meghan Mari, Room 1

Trigger point therapy & Myofascial Release are two of the most effective tools available to the massage therapist interested in treating chronic pain. This workshop will explore effective MFR and trigger point work and take the mystery out of herniated disc pain, exploring in depth pathology, anatomy and hands on treatment options. This seminar is delivered by Jing Advanced Massage and Training, which is a hands-on & on-line massage training school who are dedicated to ensuring your success through teaching proven, dynamic techniques that make a difference to your clients.

Reflex Resonance Technique ™

Helen Mary Perkins, Room 2

Learn how therapists can develop their own unique way of using intuition and sound and discover how to feel and interpret subtle vibrations of the body through the reflexes and sense awareness of the energy field. Learn how to apply newly acquired skills and treat the body with natural healing, colour, crystals and sound. Foot and hand reflexology include demonstration with the opportunity to practice in pairs. At the end of this session, Reflex Resonance Technique ™ will enhance knowledge, skills and reflexology routine, to benefit existing and future clients.

Advocate and fight against skin cancer and help save lives!

Skcin's Marie Tudor, Room 3

Find out about Skcin's MASCED campaign which is designed to help you to know what signs of skin cancer to be looking out for on your clients. Learn why skin cancer is on the increase in 15-34 year age group, the dangers of UV radiation and who is most at risk. Learn about the different types of skin cancer and how to bring up this sensitive subject with your clients. Skcin have developed an online course to allow you to become powerful advocates in the fight against skin cancer. Attendees will be offered 20& the online course, offer will be valid for two weeks after seminar.

2:30pm - 3:30pm

Aromatherapy for sleep

Penny Price, Room 1

One of our modern ailments in this busy and stressful world is insomnia or being unable to sleep deeply enough for the body and mind to recover from the day’s work. Research has shown that aromatherapy techniques can effectively improve both sleep quality and the quality of life. Penny will explain the research she has worked on with essential oils to promote deeper, more satisfying sleep and the blends of oils that can help best for different sleep ailments. Recipes and tips will be given freely.

Additional needs massage

Emma Gilmore, Room 2

Working with additional needs clients is extremely rewarding. Gain confidence and learn how to communicate clearly using verbal and non-verbal techniques, as well as how to work safely with these often-misunderstood clients. Learn how to create a safe space in which to facilitate permissive touch, explore comfortable supportive positioning, how to manage carers and parent’s expectations and explore common pathologies. Emma has experience working with many different additional needs and has been astounded by the positive results created by nurturing touch, in often under-touched clients.

How to grow your business online

Gemma Went, Room 3

Learn the essentials to growing your business online, even when your business is offline. We will include simple strategies to; grow your audience; create a simple marketing and sales system and create consistent, recurring revenue. Gemma is an award-winning business mentor and growth strategist and helps small businesses get big results online. For over 18 years she’s been making sense of the digital world by creating simple, smart strategies that get results, all based on three core principles: Mindset, Strategy and Action, which make up her MSA Approach.



4:00pm - 5:00pm


A mindful approach to menopause

Dr Clarissa Kristjansson,  Room 1

Discover why so many women feel stressed, tired, irritable, confused and wondering what hit them. Learn how bringing a mindful compassionate approach to menopause helps to create a positive mindset which, accompanied with a balanced diet rich in phytoestrogens, regular exercise and reserving time for formal relaxation every day, can bring a renewed zest for life, a sense of wellbeing and improved self-confidence. In the 21st century there is no need to suffer through menopause. Clarissa has helped thousands of women reduce their menopause symptoms and live well.

Taping for the shoulder

Mike Grice, Room 2

This seminar will take you through a number of taping techniques for the shoulder using RockTape and will include a brief introduction to relevant anatomy and common pathologies before moving on to common taping techniques to aid symptom reduction for the shoulder joint and shoulder girdle. Mike is a registered Osteopath, runs Movement Therapy Education training company, tutors for organisations such as for Elite Therapy Education, RockTape/Rock Blades and lectures on the Sports Therapy programmes at University College Birmingham and throughout the world in Anatomy and Intrinsic Biomechanics Coaching.

Website copy that gets results

Lisa Slater, Room 3

Too many websites are full of copy that doesn’t make it clear what is being offered. Waffle and industry jargon leave the reader confused and uninterested. Losing a visitor means losing a potential customer and that costs money. If you want your visitors to take action, then you have to inspire them with great copy. This seminar is packed full of tips and advice for creating website copy that will appeal to your audience and help you win more business. Come along and learn about website copy and content marketing.








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Individual seminar tickets: £12 FHT members/ £15 non-members 

Day pass: Book a full day of seminars for £50 FHT members/ £65 non-members

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