Q - QUALIFICATION COURSE: FHT Accredited Qualification is a training course that follows the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Core Curriculum - where available - for the therapy and one that qualifies the student to practitioner level. This is for learners who are starting from the beginning with no knowledge in the therapy.

SC - SHORT COURSE: A FHT Accredited Short Course is a training course that on its own does not follow the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Core Curriculum for a therapy and one which may not qualify the student to practitioner level. Short courses expand on an existing therapy that follows the NOS or FHT standards as best practice, i.e. Pregnancy massage or CPD courses.


Glyndwr University
- BSc (Hons) Acupuncture
- BSc (Hons) Rehabilitation and Injury Management

HB Training Wales Ltd
- Brow and Lash Tinting
- Crystal Therapy
- Face and Body Waxing
- Nail Technology

Physiotherapy and Complementary Therapies Ltd
- Diploma in Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

TEACH Therapy
- Effective Marketing for the Self-Employed Therapist
- Aromatherapy for Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions
- Kinesio Taping for Massage & Sports Therapists
- Advanced Aromatherapy for the Skin
- Advanced Aromatherapy for Skin Conditions
- Hot Stone Reflexology
- Massage Refresher
- Soft Cupping Massage
- Thai Foot Massage
- Infant Massage Instructor’s Certificate
- Hands Free Massage
- Essential Oils In Pregnancy & Childbirth
- Ear Candling Practitioner’s Certificate
- Freeing the Shoulders
- Indian Head Massage Practitioner’s Certificate
- On Site Massage Practitioner Course
- Hot and Cold Stone Massage Practitioner Course
- Holistic Massage Diploma


Angela Green Complementary Therapies and Education
- Fundamentals of Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care

Dynamic Massage
- Advanced Massage Techniques for Freeing the Neck, Shoulders and Lower Back Advanced Hands Free Massage Training

HB Training Wales Ltd
- Acrylic Conversion
- Advanced Sculpting
- Bamboo Massage
- Brazilian Hollywood and Playboy Waxing
- Brow Lamination
- Brow Services
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Dermaplaning
- Electric File
- Electric Pedicure
- Facial Reflexology
- Facial Waxing
- Full Cover Tips
- Gel Conversion
- Hands Free Massage
- Henna Brow and Lashes
- Hot Stone Massage
- Introduction to Aromatherapy
- Introduction to Creative Techniques in Makeup
- Introduction to Facial Services
- Introduction to Makeup
- Introduction to Reflexology
- Lash and Lift
- Luxury Manicure and Pedicure
- Manicure and Pedicure with Gel Polish
- Massage in Pregnancy and Childbirth
- Nail Art
- Oncology Massage
- Semi-Permanent Lashes
- Structured Manicure
- Tanning Services
- Thermo Auricular Therapy
- Threading
- Ultimate Dry Manicure (Advanced Level)

Sally Kay
- Reflexology Lymph Drainage - RLD

TEACH Therapy
- Strain Prevention for Massage Therapists
- Freeing the Shoulders
- Releasing the Lower Back
- Holistic Facials
- The Art of 'Dry' Massage
- Massage in Pregnancy and Childbirth
- Stretching Your Massage Skills
- Releasing the Neck
- Living Anatomy - Muscle Review Day for Massage
- Warm Bamboo Massage
- Spinal Advanced Reflexology
- Advanced Essential Oils and Products for Home Use
- Understanding and Treating Lower Back Pain - - Advanced Massage Techniques
- Myofascial Release - Advanced Massage
- Massage Techniques
- Analysing Posture
- RhythmMobility®
- Emergency First Aid at Work
- Maternity Reflexology
- Reflexology and Conception
- Understanding and Treating Neck Pain
- Reflexology Refresher
- Reflexology and Digestion
- Effective Marketing for the Self-Employed Therapist
- Aromatherapy for Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions

- Mobilising Techniques for Massage Therapists

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