International Therapist (IT) is the quarterly membership magazine of the FHT, and has a current ABC audited distribution figure of 15,688. It is sent to all FHT members, which includes qualified and student complementary, sports and beauty therapists, as well as therapist employers. It is also sent to therapy training providers (public and private) and a number of PCTs and other allied health organisations.

As well as having the option to include a therapy product, training or classified advert in IT, the magazine can also carry inserts (which can be regional or national). A range of online advertising options are also available, on the FHT’s e-newsletters, website and blog.

If you are an FHT Accredited qualification or short course provider, you may wish to include an 'FHT Accredited Qualification’ or 'FHT Accredited Short Course' logo on your ad, to show FHT members that your qualification or course is accredited by the FHT (terms of use apply).

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