Article links for members

Welcome to this new section of the Reading Room. 

At the FHT, we appreciate it can be a challenge for members to provide prospective clients with reliable information about the health and well-being benefits different therapies can offer. 

Below you will find brief introductions and links to some research summaries and articles we think you may find useful. Most have been written and/or published by the FHT; others link through to reports or papers published by other organisations, such as Arthritis Research UK. 

As a member, we would be more than happy for you to simply copy and paste these introductions and links onto your own website, where these are relevant to the therapies you practise. However, please ensure that these article links appear on a separate web page dedicated to editorial only, called ‘Articles and research’ or similar, to avoid any issues regarding marketing and health claims (for more information, visit

Please bear with us as we grow this section over time.


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