Blackpool Local Support Group

Calendar of Events

Date: 23/02/2017
Time: 7pm
Venue: Gemseco House Goldsboro Avenue Blackpool FY3 9RJ
Topic: Planning and going over FHT information.

Date: 30/03/2017
Time: 7pm
Venue: Gemseco House Goldsboro Avenue Blackpool FY3 9RJ
Topic: Julie will be going over what we were talking about in the November meeting and see where after we have had time to digest and act on Julies suggestions we are headed and see how these suggestions have positively impacted on our business and lives?

Date: 27/04/2017
Time: 7pm
Venue: 379 Lytham Road Blackpool FY4 1EB
Topic: The Dorn Method with Alexandra Schneider

Alexandra Schneider is an authorised Dorn Method instructor coming all the way from the Lakes to offer an evening of Dorn Therapy. The Dorn Method is designed for people with all common back and neck pain, migraines, sciatica and more. Alexandra is not only going to give us this talk, but she is fetching her therapy bed and offering one lucky person the chance to experience Dorn Therapy, so form an orderly queue please, ladies and gentlemen!

The wonderful Donna has offered her home up to us at 379 Lytham Road Blackpool FY4 1EB You may already know Donna as the owner of "Your Holistic Therapist" who offers amazing therapies as a clinical reflexologist, aromatherapist and massage therapist and also Donna specialises in treating stress and relaxing the mind & body ... of which you can see more at  

Date: 25/05/2017
Time: 7pm
Venue: 379 Lytham Road
Topic: Speaker for the evening:- FRANCES will be attending the meeting as our speaker with an introduction to "Deaf Awareness".
So, if you have any thoughts on this vast subject, please get your questions together and we shall have a very interesting evening ahead of us with Frances.

Date: 29/06/2017
Time: 7pm
Venue: TBC

We would love to hear your ideas, your suggestions, and just love to see you with what you want from your FHT meetings so what are you waiting for?
Please drop me a quick email if you would like to come along as I need to know numbers for table sizes, and if you know other therapists who have never been or you know therapists who are not with the FHT invite them along ... no fees will be taken for the June meeting

Date: 27/07/2017
Time: 7pm
Venue: Gemseco House Goldsboro Avenue Blackpool FY3 9RJ
Topic: The Complementary Therapists Role in a Hospice


Date: 28/09/2017
Time: 7pm
Venue: Gemseco House Goldsboro Avenue Blackpool FY3 9RJ
Topic: Shirley at Stressless has been invited to speak and demonstrate and also for us all to try a "No Hands Massage" on each other

This unique massage can meet clients needs on any level, physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual. It is known as the gentle giant. ‘No hands’ has become the massage of choice for many professional massage therapists.

Date: 26/10/2017
Time: 7pm
Venue: Gemseco House Goldsboro Avenue Blackpool FY3 9RJ

Date: 30/11/2017
Time: 7pm
Venue: Gemseco House Goldsboro Avenue Blackpool FY3 9RJ
I am also asking local therapists on a continuous basis who hold courses to send through their workshops to us so we can see if there is anything relevant to all the other members that may be interested.

I should also like to see which therapists are keen on the idea of holding an FHT stand where they can leave their leaflets and business cards for a small fee to cover the cost of the stand, almost free advertising for everyone then...anyone with any more ideas - come along and make your voice heard, we are all here to listen to each other, you are more than welcome!


Nicky Gee
T: 0756 377 2556