Botanica2020 - 2019 FHT Conference sponsor

A note from our sponsor, Botanica2020Pictured: Botanica2020 logo

Passionate about Clinical Aromatherapy and Herbal Therapeutics? Want to extend your knowledge and skills and develop your business? Expand your aromatic horizons at Botanica2020!

The 5th edition of the botanica conference series, botanica2020 will be taking place for the first time on mainland Europe, on the shores of lake Bled, Slovenia May 22nd - 25th 2020. With 3 days of international conference and trade show and 1 day of workshops, botanica2020 is the leading clinical aromatherapy conference worldwide. The main themes for botanica2020 are Efficacy, Safety and Sustainability. Certificates of attendance are provided. The Early Bird discount period ends December 31st.

Host and organiser of botanica2020, Rhiannon Lewis says: “The keys to the continued safe, effective and successful integration of clinical aromatherapy within healthcare are good education coupled with international collaboration; these are the very hallmarks of botanica2020”.

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