Cheryl Cole SFFHT


Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) - about usSince the start of my career in 1981, I have never had the cause to look back or regret one moment. I have found myself in a dynamic environment of ever evolving disciplines. My experiences within this time as a junior, a lecturer, practical examiner, assessor, internal verifier, and therapist practitioner; managing my own holistic beauty spa and academy, has enabled me to maintain my enthusiasm for our ever diversifying industry. I have been given the opportunity to impart my experience with others, as a regular speaker at FHT Seminars. I wish to shape the future for the therapist, in our many guises, through representation on the BSI Standards committee; gaining the recognition that we deserve in this interesting and challenging time.

I have a long and dedicated career within the field of beauty therapy, spanning a period of 30 years. Throughout this time I have benefited from employment within modern, progressive salons, where I have embraced recent trends and techniques to keep at the forefront of consumer requirements, whilst developing and furthering my skills. This is a practice that I have maintained over the years.

To add breadth to my experience, I embarked upon a teaching career in one of the most proactive Colleges of Further Education, where I was employed as a Course Team Leader and received the highest graded status as a lecturer. My students received multiple successes with the Sterex International Electrolysis Competition and I gained winning tutor recognition as well as finalist positions every time I entered the competition. At the same time I worked closely with the International Health and Beauty Therapy Awarding Body as a practical examiner under the old style examination system, through the developmental and evolutional stages that lead to the NVQ System.

In 2002, I started my own therapy and holistic practice. This has since expanded to encompass spa therapy, incorporating hydrotherapy, wraps and paraffin wax. This is a small practice, (however successful), which is kept this way so I can concentrate upon quality and allows me to balance a young family, speaking at Trade Exhibitions, and be the lead skin care trainer for Carole Franck and their Electro-Acupuncture Golden Rejuve Centre, on a freelance basis. It is important to me to maintain my link with education and something I am drawn to.

My initial relationship with FHT arose when I was asked by Jackie Palmer to assist with the formation of FHT Ireland and the update training drive to raise the stands in line with the UK.  As a result of this, I was invited as a speaker and this has continued to become a regular feature within your FHT Seminar programmes at Excel, Olympia, GMex, Donington Park, NEC, Scotland and Dublin, covering a wide range of topics from designing treatment programmes to manual lymphatic drainage. Feedback and enquiries from these seminars, together with my passion for education, has enabled me to expand my practice further with the launch of the Cheryl Cole Academy; assisted once more by FHT with the Accreditation of my Diplomas.

I feel passionately about my profession and for me beauty, holistic, and spa and to some extent sports therapies are one and the same thing. I feel that the beauty therapist has had a de-valuing of standing and deserves for this imbalance to be addressed.