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Date: Friday 26 February 2021
Time: 7pm
Venue: Facebook Live
Topic: Sound Healing with Karen Blundell Severn

The gong as a sound healing and meditation instrument has been around for thousands of years. Karen Blundell-Severn of Wellbeing Wave is a mindset coach, master practitioner in NLP, hypnosis and time line therapy, a wellbeing coach and gong meditation practitioner. Come and explore how the gong uses vibration and sound to access semi conscious dream like brain waves states, can release emotional and physical blockages, destress the mind and body and help reset and improve sleep patterns. You’ll discover how a murder detective turned coach thought that banging a gong to feel better was madness but experienced a total transformation after her first gong bath and has never looked back.

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£4 members and £6 non-members (does not apply to virtual meetings)


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