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Date: 12 April 2021
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Zoom
Topic: Long Covid: implications for therapists and trainers with Gina Reinge

Long Covid is a very new and little-known condition. There are many varied symptoms associated with this condition, but it is the blood changes that are of particular interest to anyone performing hands on treatments or any sort of exercise therapy / training. This condition is mostly affecting young people and they haven’t necessarily had severe responses to the initial infection, usually having had a relatively mild illness, so you will absolutely see these clients in your clinic as you reopen. Join Gina Reinge from Reinge Education as she discusses what we know so far about this condition, and what we need to be aware of as we start seeing clients again. Due to time restrictions on Zoom we have arranged two meetings back to back. This will allow a long meeting. So, when one call ends please click on the next link below to log in again.

Date: 12 July 2021
Time: 7pm
Venue: Ufton Fields Nature Reserve, Leamington Spa, CV33 9PU
Topic: Medicinal Herb Walk with Susanne Goldsmith

Our first face to face meeting for well over a year, will take place on Monday 12th July at 7pm, weather permitting! Susanne Goldsmith has agreed to do a walk for us again at Ufton Fields outside Leamington. It promises to be a mix of facts and folklore about the wonderful array of medicinal plants in nature's apothecary. The focus in early summer will be on flowers and leaves. There will be some samples of the medicines to taste and experience as we meet them in the wild. Susan practices herbal medicine with the strong desire to forge a connection between people and the natural world around us.

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