FHT Beauty Therapist of the Year

Have you supported a client to overcome low self-esteem?

Maybe you have helped a client with body image issues and witnessed profound changes in their confidence and sense of self-worth?

Has an inspirational colleague really raised the bar in beauty therapy excellence?

Do you work with clients with specific conditions affecting their body image, such as pigment disorders, scarring, hair loss or hirsutism?

Perhaps you offer an innovative new way of supporting clients impacted by the side effects of chemotherapy, for example?

If any of the above sounds familiar, we’d love to hear from you. You can nominate yourself for the award, or put forward an inspirational colleague or team.

You or the person you nominate will need to demonstrate excellence in practice, in one of the following areas:

Client service: This ‘hallmark of excellence' is about delivering quality care and outcomes for clients. It's when what you do really benefits the health and wellbeing of your clients.

Research: For members who are involved in developing or carrying out therapy research, this award celebrates the small study as well as the large clinical trial.

Innovation: Focuses on the imaginative and creative use of original or adapted ideas or techniques - for example, the development of a new massage product, teaching aid or therapy service.

Leadership: Aimed at members who make things happen and encourage and inspire others, from organising a team of therapists for a charitable event, to leading a team providing a therapy service. 

Representation: For members who have gone the extra mile to promote awareness about therapies and the importance of high standards, or who represent the FHT on therapy lead bodies, councils and committees.

This is your year, enter now!

Skin and facial specialist, Cristina Coelho, MFHT, won the title of FHT Beauty Therapist of the Year in 2017:

2017 FHT Beauty Therapist of the Year

Cristina has been working in the beauty therapy industry for 12 years. For five of these, she has been running her own private clinic in London, called Cristina Coelho Bespoke Facials, where she specialises in CACI and Environ facials, creating tailored treatment plans for clients who have a wide range of skin challenges.

Cristina was awarded FHT Beauty Therapist of the Year for providing excellent customer service. She uses a non-invasive, holistic and person-centred approach when creating facials for her clients, taking into account the vital role vitamins play in helping to keep the skin healthy and vibrant.

Her award nomination was accompanied by more than 30 client testimonials, from male and female clients seeking treatments for ageing concerns, sun-pigmentation, hypersensitive skin and acne, amongst others. One client, whose face has a number of lesions caused by a condition called discoid lupus, commented ‘I feel Cristina is committed to helping me, which calms my fears and encourages me to be patient as my skin continues to heal’.

Speaking about her award, Cristina says: ‘I’m so pleased to have won FHT Beauty Therapist of the Year. My passion is to achieve outstanding results for my clients and make them look and feel their very best, so I’m truly grateful that this has been recognised. I carefully research and source the best technology and products available in order for my clients to attain and maintain excellent skin health, and my overall aim is for clients find my bespoke facials as effective as they are enjoyable.’