FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year

Have you helped a client get their life back on track?

Has an inspirational colleague really raised the bar in therapy excellence?

Do you work as part of a team that supports people with a chronic or life-limiting condition, providing much-needed treatments to them, their families and carers?

Perhaps you set up an innovative and sustainable healthcare model that leads the way in allowing patients access to first class therapeutic support?

Maybe you have helped a client overcome debilitating body image issues and witnessed profound changes in their confidence and sense of self-worth?

If any of the above sounds familiar, we’d love to hear from you. You can nominate yourself for the award, or put forward an inspirational colleague or team.

You or the person you nominate will need to demonstrate excellence in practice, in one of the following areas:

Client service: This ‘hallmark of excellence' is about delivering quality care and outcomes for clients. It's when what you do really benefits the health and wellbeing of your clients.

Research: For members who are involved in developing or carrying out therapy research, this award celebrates the small study as well as the large clinical trial.

Innovation: Focuses on the imaginative and creative use of original or adapted ideas or techniques - for example, the development of a new massage product, teaching aid or therapy service.

Leadership: Aimed at members who make things happen and encourage and inspire others, from organising a team of therapists for a charitable event, to leading a team providing a therapy service. 

Representation: For members who have gone the extra mile to promote awareness about therapies and the importance of high standards, or who represent the FHT on therapy lead bodies, councils and committees.

This is your year – enter now!

Last year’s winner for FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year was Jane Sheehan, MFHT:

2018 FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year

Jane’s burning ambition had always been to successfully integrate complementary therapies into mainstream care. It was an ambition she went on to realise in 2009, when she took on the role of complementary therapy coordinator at an NHS Specialist Palliative Care Hospice in Norwich.

Drawing on 36 years of experience as a qualified nurse and 29 years as a complementary therapist, Jane developed the existing complementary therapy service, to create a safe delivery model that would benefit patients, therapists and health care professionals alike. Among other achievements she was responsible for:

  • bringing the therapy service in line with clinical governance
  • developing a robust complementary therapy policy
  • creating a sustainable delivery model, with therapists employed by the NHS, providing security for the therapists and ensuring patients could continue to receive valuable care
  • expanding the number and range of therapy sessions available
  • designing a bespoke model of care for patients wanting care at home
  • developing protocols for using aromatherapy for malodourous wound care
  • introducing MYCAW to measure patient-related outcomes, and
  • providing experiential learning for health care staff to promote therapy awareness.

Jane’s nomination was supported by dozens testimonials and letters of support from clients, colleagues, training providers and industry experts, including clinical aromatherapist and author, Dr Jane Buckle.

Speaking about her win, Jane says: ‘I am totally over the moon and feel very privileged to receive the prestigious 2018 FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year award for work that brings together my nursing background and complementary therapy training. I wanted to inspire others and raise awareness of what can be achieved in complementary therapy development in the NHS specialist palliative care setting. This is for every single therapist working in a hospice. Thank you to my colleague, Margaret Ayres, who put my name forward for this award, and to all those who have supported me. And thank you to the FHT.’