FHT Local Group Coordinator of the Year

Do you attend a group that supports you to feel less isolated as a self-employed therapist?

Perhaps your local FHT Coordinator organises outstanding meetings that encourage you to regularly attend?

Has your FHT Coordinator gone the extra mile to bring in industry experts to speak to your group?

Or have they organised inspiring activities, such as a herbal walk or charity fundraiser?

Maybe each year, they arrange for a team of you to showcase your therapies at community events.

If any of the above sounds familiar, we’d love to hear from you. You can nominate yourself, or put forward an inspirational local group coordinator.

This is your year – enter now!

Last year’s winner for FHT Local Support Coordinator of the Year was Alison Brown, FFHT:

2018 FHT Local Support Group Coordinator of the Year

As well as being a successful and busy complementary therapist herself, Alison is the founder of Ali’s Therapy Academy, providing business support and advice to other professional therapists who are excellent at giving treatments but perhaps lack the confidence or knowledge in how to market themselves effectively.

On top of that she’s also an FHT Local Group Coordinator for the Worthing area. This is a voluntary role that aims to provide support, advice and learning opportunities to other local FHT members, through regular meetings and activities. As many therapists are self-employed, these are great opportunities for them to network, offer mutual support, and expand their knowledge and skill set.

Like all of FHT’s Coordinators – who, collectively, head up more than 60 groups across the UK – Alison goes to a great deal of effort to provide her group with a varied calendar of events each year. This includes treatment exchanges and talks from different health, wellbeing and business experts. However, what made her nomination for the 2018 FHT Local Group Coordinator of the Year Award stand out from the rest was that she was nominated by an FHT member who doesn’t live in her area and hasn’t physically attended any of her meetings.

For personal reasons, the member who nominated her is unable to travel to the group meetings near where she lives, but she has been able to enjoy the content of Alison’s meetings through Skype, webinars and other online platforms. In her own words, ‘In many industries, the way in which Alison works is commonplace, indeed essential to business performance, yet online communication for some reason is behind in the complementary healthcare world. Through her knowledge of social media, she has been able to share information with those who are unable to attend their local FHT meetings. Alison has far exceeded the requirements set out by the FHT to provide a local support group.’

Speaking about her win, Alison says: ‘I am very honoured to win this FHT award and to be recognised by a national organisation. It gives me confirmation and pride in what I do and achieve. This award is also for my local group – we come together to support one another’