FHT Sports Therapist of the Year

This award is aimed at sports therapists who have demonstrated excellence in practice, in one of the following areas:

Client service: This ‘hallmark of excellence' is about delivering quality care and outcomes for clients. It's when what you do really benefits your clients.

Research: For members who are involved in developing or carrying out therapy research, this award celebrates the small study as well as the large clinical trial.

Innovation: Focuses on the imaginative and creative use of original or adapted ideas or techniques, for example the development of a new sports product, teaching aid or therapy service for a specific client group.

Leadership: Aimed at members who make things happen and encourage and inspire others, such as leading and developing a team of therapists for a specific sports event or to support a professional team on a regular basis.

Representation: For members who have gone the extra mile to promote awareness about sports therapy and the importance of high standards, or who represent the FHT on therapy lead bodies, councils and committees.