FHT Tutor of the Year

Have you helped a student therapist reach their full potential?

Perhaps you taught a student lacking in confidence, who didn’t feel very capable in a classroom, but was transformed into a high achiever when they discovered their passion for therapies?

Has an inspirational colleague really raised the bar in therapy education?

Do you work as part of a team that has transformed the way that students are taught therapies, leading to unprecedented results?

Have you been inspired by a training provider who went beyond what was required of them to ensure your educational success?

Entries now closed. We wish all entrants the best of luck.

Last year’s winner for FHT Tutor of the Year was Dr Carol Samuel, PhD:

Pictured: Carol Samuel (middle)Carol first won an FHT Excellence Award five years ago for her research into the effects of reflexology on acute pain, which was published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice in 2013. Since then, she has had two other studies published in peer reviewed journals, while at the same time delivering accredited training in nerve reflexology in pain management and cancer survivorship.

One of Carol’s students, Helen Nelson, nominated her for Tutor of the Year. Helen said: ‘Training with Carol is always of a clinical nature, provided in a methodological but user-friendly way to ensure you receive the very best there is, with the course content based on the latest research and science. The level of knowledge and experience she imparts is far beyond the realms of continuing professional development. She has inspired me to further myself not only within my current professional practice, but also to undertake research, further myself educationally and explore avenues that I had no idea reflexology as a profession would lead me down. Being a tutor has a definite ripple effect – the better the tutor, the better the quality of learning, the more interest the student has in learning and applying their new skills, and the better the outcome for the clients.’

Finalists: Katherine Creighton Crook, Marie Duggan