FHT Tutor of the Year

Have you helped a student therapist reach their full potential?

Perhaps you taught a student lacking in confidence, who didn’t feel very capable in a classroom, but was transformed into a high achiever when they discovered their passion for therapies?

Has an inspirational colleague really raised the bar in therapy education?

Do you work as part of a team that has transformed the way that students are taught therapies, leading to unprecedented results?

Have you been inspired by a training provider who went beyond what was required of them to ensure your educational success?

This past year has had a significant impact on face-to-face teaching and training, perhaps someone has provided you with the support, inspiration and encouragement to overcome those obstacles.

Entries open on 23 April and close on 30 June.

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Last year’s winner for FHT Tutor of the Year was Jennifer Young:

When coronavirus reached UK shores, Jennifer drew on her expertise as a former inspector for HSE, international consultant, specialist skincare product developer and accredited training provider to create an online course to support professional therapists through the pandemic. As well as helping them to understand the nature of the virus, her user-friendly course walked therapists through how to create a risk matrix and prioritise appropriate actions when resuming practice. In Jennifer’s own words, her aim was ‘to help therapists return to work with a spring in their step rather than fear in their hearts’. Since it was launched, Jennifer’s fully certified course, Control of Cross Infection in a Post-Covid World – Professional Standards of Hygiene, has been accessed by more than 5,400 therapists, completely free of charge, as she felt free access was the right thing to do in these ‘turbulent and trying times’.

Finalists: Caroline Bradley, Marie Duggan, Dawn Morse