FHT Virtual Congress Complementary Therapy Seminars


A matter of some gravity

Allyn Edwards from Core Postural Alignment

We’ll be looking at the effects a poor relationship with gravity has on the body. You will learn a simple 20-second test to see if you or your clients are gravitationally challenged. We’ll also be exploring some of the latest developments in how gravity interacts with your physiology, emotional wellbeing, internal architecture and consciousness.

Together with his partner Sue Weller, Allyn has been teaching Core Postural Alignment since 1998. They have also lectured at seminars and given keynote addresses and presentations at national and international conferences. Since 1998 Allyn and Sue have been using, teaching, experimenting and refining this technique in the light of a more modern understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Seminar length: 55 mins

An introduction to palliative care and complementary therapy

Alison Bailey from Weston Hospicecare

Introduction to how complementary therapy is used for palliative care. The session consists of the following: What is palliative care? Effective communication; Benefits of therapeutic touch; Living with a life-limiting illness; Adapting complementary therapy for palliative care; The session is beneficial if working in care or have clients experiencing life-limiting illness, individually or family members

Complementary therapy coordinator for Westonhospicecare managing a wellbeing centre. Qualified in complementary therapy 25 years ago. Previously worked as a college and university lecturer teaching science and complementary therapy topics. Worked for examination boards writing course material and examination papers. Decided to write a short course to deliver at the hospice ‘Introduction in Palliative Care and Complementary Therapy’.

​Seminar length: 57 mins

Aromatherapy and sleep

Penny Price from Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy for sleep! One of our modern ailments in this busy and stressful world is insomnia or being unable to sleep deeply enough for body and mind to recover from the day. Research has shown that aromatherapy techniques can effectively improve both sleep and quality and quality of life and is one of the best complementary health disciplines to do this.

Penny is Managing Director and Academy Principal of Penny Price Aromatherapy. An aromatherapist since 1983, Penny has been teaching aromatherapy since 1986. Penny set up her own school and company in 2003 and spends much of her time in product development and research, as well as releasing resources and spreading the word of aromatherapy through her blog and monthly webinars.

​Seminar length: 56 mins

Baby massage: the importance of sensory communication

Ingrid Perrin from Rose on the Green

I consider the growing relevance of baby massage and describe how my classes and courses are evolving to reflect our changing times. I cover the benefits of online classes, take a deep dive into the function of some baby reflexes, look at attachment theory and ponder how recent experiences can strengthen and build our practices and communities from now on. 

I qualified as a holistic therapist in 2007. My involvement in baby massage was a natural progression from massaging pregnant clients to keep them comfortable and relaxed throughout pregnancy. Teaching this loveliest massage routine to new parents via my Rosebuds Baby Massage classes has become one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work in the holistics field.

​Seminar length: 38 mins

Basic Reiki working with family and friends

Martin Thirlwell from Reiki Tradition

Reiki is a universal lifeforce energy that was re-discovered in 1922 by our founder Dr Miko Usui in Kyoto Japan. The seminar demonstrates the Usui system of natural healing. The seminar starts with a description and understanding of the history of reiki, and the energy of reiki. Simple audience participation followed by basic chair and couch positions.

My name is Martin, I am a 10th generation reiki master. My personal Reiki journey started in the early 1980s when I first discovered Reiki in India. In December 2015 I became an accredited reiki training provider my accreditors are the FHT. I frequently run both accredited and non-accredited reiki courses from my lovely therapy rooms based in Oldham, Lancashire.

​Seminar length: 50 mins

Chi Medics anatomical reflection theory

Moss Arnold & Sharon Windle from Chi Medics

In this presentation, Moss and Sharon will outline the Chi Medics perspective of the feet via their anatomical reflection theory, discuss K.1 "bubbling springs" acu-point in relation to solar plexus or celiac plexus, the Chi Medics balance method, demonstrate the K.1 holding technique and conclude with the Chi Medics toe balance - theory and demonstration.

Moss has been a therapist since the late 1980s and has developed clinical reflexology, chi-reflexology and Chi Medics with his wife Sharon Windle. They have been involved since the mid-1990s in training, national and international presentations and production of products including books, eBook, DVDs, videos, and various foot charts.

​Seminar length: 47 mins

Complementary therapies in cancer care for massage, reflexology & Reiki practitioners

Marie Duggan from Butterfly Touch Therapies

Complementary therapies in cancer care provides a unique and educational insight in the cancer and palliative healthcare field. This seminar covers; What are we treating? Who can we treat? Benefits of complementary therapies in cancer care, consideration and cautions, how to adapt your treatments, working in a private practice or medical setting and relaxation using a Butterfly Touch.

I am an accredited CPD training provider in complementary therapies and cancer care, creating accessible eLearning courses for massage, reflexology and reiki practitioners. Butterfly Touch Therapies Training empowers therapists to adapt skills to support patients with a cancer diagnosis privately and in a healthcare setting. I was FHT Trainer of the Year in 2015 and finalist in 2019 and 2020.

​Seminar length: 62 mins

Connecting to nature for wellbeing

Helen Saunders and Anne Bramley from Wellbeing at Whistlewood

Wellbeing at Whistlewood's founders Anne Bramley and Helen Saunders will introduce participants to Nature Connection theory - connecting to Nature for Wellbeing. The seminar will explore the University of Derby's Five Pathways to Nature Connection. Participants will be asked to reflect on how they bring Nature into their therapy space and help their own clients to connect to Nature.

Helen is a Homeopath with 15 years of experience in holistic health. She is also a Forest Bathing Guide. Helen has had experience of running a private Homeopathic service as well as being contracted to provide a service on the NHS. She runs Wellbeing at Whistlewood with her business partner, Anne Bramley. Anne is an aromatherapist, Forest Bathing Guide and Forest Therapy practitioner. She has over thirty years of working in the NHS and in Universities as a midwife, nurse, practice facilitator and health lecturer. Wellbeing at Whistlewood is a Woodland based wellbeing business and was our 2020 award winner for FHT Green Therapist of the Year! 

​Seminar length: 39 mins

Crystal reflexology fusion

Wendy Hale from In The Pink Therapies and Training

Wendy will introduce you to a treatment she has developed which brings the therapeutic benefits of crystals together with reflexology. This treatment builds on the knowledge of existing reflexologists, introducing specific crystals into the treatment and encompassing chakra work. A small crystal kit is needed for the treatment and training courses will be run from Wendy's centre in South Wales.

Wendy is qualified in a wide range of complementary therapies and has been teaching for over 30 years. She runs a private therapy training centre in South Wales offering VTCT and FHT accredited courses. She also works as a therapist so has current knowledge of the therapies she teaches. 

​Seminar length: 58 mins

Energy therapies – history, philosophy and ethical practice

Alan Harris and Robert Nutt from Chakrascension Centre

In this seminar, we will present the history, theory and ethical practice underpinning complementary energy therapies, such as Reiki, acupuncture and Chakrascension ™. Included will be the historical impact of eastern philosophies and traditions which have influenced holistic practices in the west. We will examine chakras, chi, meridians and energy transfer and how they may support wellbeing.

Alan Harris, a retired further education lecturer, has been a level 3 Reiki practitioner and teacher since 1996. He has trained in Swedish and sports massage, aromatherapy and reflexology. Robert Nutt is a qualified associate teacher, work-based assessor and level 3 Reiki practitioner who has taught VTCT Reiki qualification at further education level. They co-created Chakrascension™ Energy Therapy.

​Seminar length: 41 mins

Examination of six essential oil constituents

Kate Mulliss from TEACH Therapy

This seminar is primarily aimed at those aromatherapists with some understanding of essential oil chemistry. It examines six constituents commonly found in various essential oils and examines some of the research around their potential actions. It will also look at the occurrence of each constituent in various essential oils and the overall therapeutic properties of some of the oils themselves.

Kate has worked as a complementary therapist for over 25 years and taught various complementary therapy qualifications since the late 1990s at her local tertiary college and for private training providers. She currently teaches CPD courses for qualified therapists at TEACH therapy in Wales. Her main therapy interests are in aromatherapy / essential oils and reflexology.

​Seminar length: 28 mins

Face reading basics for your professional toolbox

Anna-Louise Haigh from Anna-Louise Haigh - Online Courses

Every therapist wants to make a difference for their clients. Understanding their deeper wellbeing needs is the secret to delivering reputation building treatments. The wealth of accurate insight offered through the ancient art of Face Reading reveals the underpinning roots of dis-ease. This introduction will give you ‘new eyes’ so you can help your clients when they need it most.

Knowing oneself and understanding others has been the foundation of my wellbeing career since 1988. As a therapist, teacher, international lecturer, author and retreat leader, each of my offerings draw on insight validated by experience and delivered from the heart. My pioneering soul has created ways to ensure other wellbeing professionals have a trustworthy toolbox of career-building skills and knowledge.

​Seminar length: 33 mins

Heart centred growth - both personally and professionally

Teresa Rich from ReflexologyUK

Three steps to get you started in "Heart Centred Growth" for yourself, relationships and your therapy business. Let me guide you through a few habits and principle tools, that you can apply during these uncertain times. We will cover; how to breakthrough; how to grow and achieve more and how to master your relationships.

Teresa provides Professional training and mentoring in Reflexology/Massage/Indian Head Massage/ from both Beginners to Advanced. Her philosophy is that it’s important to grow from a place of "love". Teresa's inspirational mentoring provides a safe and nurturing community for female connection where you can be 100% real. She is the founder of ReflexologyUK Ltd and Teresa Rich.com.

​Seminar length: 48 mins

Holistic approach to health

Sheila Nugent from Sheila Nugent School of Reflexology

I will focus on the importance of looking at the whole person when giving a Reflexology treatment their physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual. Show how these aspects reflect on their feet and the importance of self-protection for the therapist.

I have been practicing Reflexology for 38 years and teaching for 35 years all over Ireland. My main focus is on the Holistic Approach to Health and Healing.

​Seminar length: 41 mins

How sound can help us tune in to ourselves and raise our vibration

Craig Eddington from The Sound Therapy Company

In this 30 minute seminar, Craig uses his own personal journey of discovering and working with sound to illustrate how sound can help you to develop greater self-awareness and express yourself more joyfully.

Craig uses a mix of Sound Healing, Sound Therapy, and Mindfulness to help clients gain a richer understanding of their lives, and transcend blockages that may be holding them back in life. This could be a physical condition or illness, unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, emotional or spiritual challenges. Craig strives to make meaningful connections in all areas of his life and will guide you through a simple, mindful, humming exercise to help you explore the principles he will be discussing.

​Seminar length: 53 mins

How to hack the nervous system-all of the time, every time

Sherry Routledge from Rapid NeuroFascial Reset

Have you ever wondered why some people get better and some don’t-even though you did the same treatment? The answer lies in the nervous system and the effectiveness of your therapeutic touch. Join us as we explore touch and give you a better understanding of how to improve it to give you greater success in your clinical practice.

With the ultimate goal to empower massage therapists around the world, Sherry Routledge has spent the last 4 years teaching her branded technique worldwide to over 1500 therapists. With a background in neuroscience and her 22-year career in massage therapy, she invites you on a journey to learn how to hack the nervous system through touch.

​Seminar length: 67 mins

Introduction to colour, crystals and flower essences

Shirley O'Donoghue from Lucis College 

You will learn how to incorporate crystals, colour and flower essences into therapies and practice and as part of your own wellbeing routine. Included will be practical exercises, suggestions for applying crystal and colour tools/techniques, how flower essences can be used to alleviate stress and anxiety and explanations of the underpinning theories of how they work.

Shirley has been teaching energy therapies for over 25 years. She is Principal of Lucis College (www.luciscollege.com) who teach a wide range of FHT accredited courses in Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Flower Essences, Colour Therapy and has had 4 books published the latest Crystal Alchemy - a practical guide to crystal therapy. 

​Seminar length: 42 mins

Introduction to trigger point therapy

Chris Phillips from Cotswold Academy of Health and Beauty

This seminar will aim to introduce you to trigger points; what are they, how are they formed? and most importantly, how can trigger point therapy help our clients? It will also look to discuss the importance of working with fascia to get lasting results for clients in pain.

I trained as a massage and sports therapist in 2000 and developed my private practice in the Cotswolds. In 2006 I completed my certificate in further education teaching and teach sports/remedial massage at the Academy. I have also worked with young troubled people and families in a therapeutic setting, both as a key worker and supervising and training staff.

​Seminar length: 36 mins

Kinesiology five-element (5E) massage introduction

Miranda Welton & Andrea Ward from Progressive Kinesiology Academy Uk

Our 5E Massage routine incorporates many effective kinesiology balancing techniques, including neuro-lymphatics, spinal reflexes, neuro-vascular points and other energy techniques. These link to traditional Chinese medicine, and by using these energy techniques within a flowing massage routine, leaves clients extremely relaxed and balanced. Today we are looking at the five elements and will demonstrate some easy techniques to get started.

Miranda first qualified in 1995 as a kinesiologist and reflexologist and runs a practice from home. She is the principal of the progressive kinesiology academy holding teaching and internal and external quality assurer qualifications. Andrea trained in kinesiology in 2006 and teaches the Foundation Kinesiology course, A & P, CPD & 5-E Massage Courses and is a fully qualified practitioner and tutor.

​Seminar length: 59 mins

Laughter yoga

This is a live webinar! More details to follow.

Lotte Mikkelsen from UnitedMind Ltd

You are invited to experience laughter exercises combined with deep breathing techniques, all of which will promote health and wellbeing through lowering stress. This is a step-by-step experience of Laughter Yoga where you will learn about the concept of intentional laughter and try exercises you can do on a daily basis.

Lotte Mikkelsen is the leading Laughter Yoga Expert in the UK. Over 1500 individuals have chosen to train with Lotte and she has held more than 1000 corporate workshops. She has a great story to tell from a personal, professional and corporate perspective. Her background and personality enables her to connect with people in a compassionate, fun and engaging.

Webinar length: 60 mins

Living in the now: tuning forks and internal time consciousness

Jane Ford-Farrand from Soundaffects

This seminar will explore the concept of 'the present moment' as a vital aspect of meditative practice but one which is problematic for many people. The discussion will begin with reference to Edmund Husserl's phenomenological definition of 'now' as a series of three consecutive musical notes. The use of tuning forks to create this sense of 'now' will then follow.

Jane is a singer, singing teacher (Durham University and private practice), Choral Director, Holistic Voice Therapist, Sound Therapist and Therapeutic Sound training provider. Her research interests include a voice for well-being, music and spirituality, shamanism, mysticism/psychosis and the effects of tuning forks upon internal time consciousness. She recently gained an MA (Merit) from Durham University in Theology, Spirituality and Health.

​Seminar length: 39 mins

Massage and microbes

Peter Mackereth, Anne Ferguson and Ann Carter

This is based on our FHT article ‘Massage and Microbes’. COVID-19 has rightly dominated concerns about preventing its spread. However, we must not forget about other pesky bugs! Our focus is to examine the ‘chain of infection’, who is at risk and how we can best protect clients. To illustrate the issues, we will examine 3 case studies.

Anne Ferguson – Independent Lecturer in Infection Control/Tissue Viability, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and author of various papers.
Ann Carter - 25 years’ experience in supportive/ palliative care. Complementary therapy co-ordinator, teacher, author and creator of The HEARTS Process.
Dr Peter Mackereth - Hon. Lecturer/Researcher at The Christie, Nurse and Complementary Therapist. International speaker and author of numerous papers/books.

​Seminar length: 60 mins

Massage. Save your hands: use your feet!

Kathryn Ellis from Central School of Massage

In this seminar, you'll get to find out how we can use our feet to massage parts of the body when we work on the floor in Thai yoga massage. Kathryn will show you how to massage your client's feet and legs using your feet, plus a more advanced technique on the arms and shoulders, also using your feet.

Kathryn Ellis has been teaching massage courses for over ten years and is an experienced and successful massage practitioner, having qualified in Thai massage, Sports & Remedial massage and Myofascial Release. She set up the Central School of Massage in 2009 and has trained many hundreds of therapists, ranging in ability and experience from absolute beginners through to experienced therapists.

​Seminar length: 39 mins

Mind detox method: discover and resolve the mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life issues

Sandy C Newbigging from Mind Detox Academy

Help your clients at a deeper level by learning how to go beyond treating surface-level symptoms by uncovering and curing the undercover root causes of your clients physical, emotional and life issues. During this seminar, Sandy will introduce you to powerful principles and protocols for increasing your impact and value as a coach, therapist and friend. 

Sandy is the author of twelve books, a practising monk, and creator of popular therapy and meditation methods - including the Mind Detox Method. Via his Mind Detox Academy, Sandy has trained and qualified practitioners in his methods from over 25 countries and his work has been shown on several television series worldwide. 

​Seminar length:66 mins

Pregnancy massage incorporating Shiatsu and acupressure

Lucy Trend from Shiatsu and Thai Massage Training Scotland

Whether you are new to pregnancy massage or an old hand, there will be something here to inspire you! After learning tips on how to position your client safely on their side you'll discover wonderful techniques to support the embodied experience of mother and baby through Shiatsu touch, energy techniques, and useful acupoints to incorporate into your pregnancy massage.

Lucy Trend is director of Shiatsu and Thai Massage Training Scotland (STMTS) based in Glasgow, offering in-person and online training. Lucy is a trained Well Mother teacher, providing specialist pregnancy massage training for complementary therapists, midwives, doulas & doctors. She enjoys working holistically, supporting women through touch to feel well in pregnancy, and to have embodied, empowering experiences in childbirth.

​Seminar length: 50 mins

Question time - an audience with Jane Sheehan and her gurus

Jane Sheehan from Jane Sheehan Foot Reading 

To celebrate the launch of The Gurus’ Guide to Reflexology book series, Jane Sheehan has invited five of the 30 Gurus from Book 1 and Book 2 to answer questions about their expertise. Jenni Tribe, Lynne Boothe and Sue Ricks on their forms of reflexology. Kerry Hales on coaching. Terri Woods on nutrition and Jane Sheehan on foot reading.

Following the launch of The Gurus’ Guide to Reflexology series, our panel of experts from the fields of reflexology, nutrition and coaching answer your questions:
Jane Sheehan – Uk’s leading Foot Reader
Lynne Booth – Vertical Reflex Therapy
Jenni Tribe – Maternity Reflexology
Sue Ricks- Gentle Touch and Baby Reflexology
Terri Woods – Nutrition
Kerry Hales – Coaching for therapists

​Seminar length: 60 mins

Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness for therapists

Christine Browne from Tranquility Zone Training

This seminar will introduce you to the topics of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness, and how you can apply these techniques within your therapy practice to benefit both you and your clients. Learn to bring a mindful approach to your work and help your clients reach deeper levels of relaxation and manage stress effectively.

Christine has been practising complementary therapies and meditation for over thirty years. She works as a therapist and tutor, delivering courses for both beginners and professionals through Tranquillity Zone Training. Finding meditation hugely beneficial on a personal level, Christine is a qualified instructor and loves passing on these powerful techniques to others.

​Seminar length: 32 mins

The power of movement

Jacquelene Buller and Janet Capstick from Go Healthy Steps

We will guide you through Healthy-Steps therapeutic movements to help your clients with pain, balance, strength, flexibility and fatigue issues. Focusing on; adjusting routines for specific clients; using props to enhance movements
importance of rest periods; how to introduce Healthy-Steps into your therapy practice. We will guide you through Healthy-Steps therapeutic movements to help your clients with pain, balance, strength, flexibility and fatigue issues.

Jackie and Janet qualified as UK Healthy-Steps Trainers in 2010. Successfully introducing this accredited therapy to clients and patients in the HealthCare and Private Sectors they have helped hundreds of people - empowering them to help manage or improve their medical concerns. They are passionate about teaching this acclaimed therapy to help all HealthCare professionals extend their skills and expertise.

​Seminar length: 60 mins

The story massage programme - positive touch with storytelling

Mary Atkinson from Story Massage

The Story Massage Programme of ten simple massage strokes combines nurturing touch with the familiarity and creativity of stories, rhymes and songs. It is a fun and fully inclusive activity for all ages and abilities. During this interactive seminar, Mary will introduce the key elements of the programme, explore the benefits in different settings and demonstrate a follow-along massage story.

Mary is a holistic therapist, tutor and author of four books on massage. She co-founded the Story Massage Programme in 2013. Mary was awarded FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year 2020 for her work sharing massage stories during lockdown. Her social media live sessions brought comfort and connection to thousands of people all over the world.

​Seminar length: 38 mins

Using a wellbeing toolkit for self-care in the workplace

Anne and Paul Crease from Touchline Training Ltd

IMPACT Wellbeing Programme is used in education, health, social care, corporate wellbeing and therapists' practices. In this seminar, Anne and Paul show how a self-care wellbeing toolkit of simple, adaptable and effective relaxation techniques with a mindfulness-based approach is used in the workplace and home and how face to face and online teaching enables therapists to support their clients.

Anne and Paul Crease are former schoolteachers, massage therapists and FHT accredited short course providers. Their company, Touchline Training, is a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping people of all ages improve their wellbeing. Since 2011, they have provided instructors’ training courses and ongoing support for adults working in education, health, social care and the wider world of work.

​Seminar length: 36 mins

What do your clients need to recover from post viral fatigue?

Elaine Wilkins from The Chrysalis Effect

This seminar will explore the 4 syndromes in your clients after a diagnosis of Long COVID so you can recognise how to safely support their recovery. You will learn; the difference between chronic fatigue syndrome and post-viral fatigue; vital pre- Covid considerations; what clients need to recover fully and how to add specialist tools to support this growing client base.

Elaine Wilkins BA Hons, PGCE, CEO of The Chrysalis Effect ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia Recovery Specialist and Leader in Digital Healthcare. Elaine is a recipient of the FHT Excellence Tutor of the Year Award and founder of ‘The Chrysalis Effect Online Recovery Pathway’ Her work has supported over 4000 people in recovery with NHS Pilots now commissioned and running.

​Seminar length: 54 mins


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