FHT Virtual Congress General Interest Seminars

We are delighted to be featuring the following general interest seminars from expert speakers and tutors.

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Anatomy of the foot and ankle

Clare Riddell from Pressure Point

This video will teach you about bones, bony landmarks, muscles, ligaments and other soft tissue structures in the foot and ankle. This will give you a better understanding of what lies beneath, whether you are a sports massage therapist, reflexologist or body massage practitioner. It will also demonstrate some special tests to investigate problem areas.

Clare gained a Sport Science degree from Loughborough University, then trained as a sports massage therapist in 1999. She began teaching sports massage and anatomy in further education, then started her own training clinic to teach specialised courses combining her knowledge, experience and sense of humour. Clare also works as a sports massage therapist at her clinic in Arnold, Nottingham.

How important is good posture?

Debbie Gannon from Holistic Tai Chi Qigong Training Academy UK

As therapists, we need to maintain our own well-being so we can look after both ourselves and our clients. In this seminar, we will explore the need for good posture both for daily life and when delivering therapies. We will consider posture in relation to seemly non-related issues such as back & joint pain, digestive complaints and poor breathing.

I am based in Hinckley, Midlands UK, and have been teaching Tai Chi Qigong, and running my holistic health clinic, since 2003. I am qualified in a wide range of therapies but specialise in posture-related issues. My aim is to encourage my clients to make self-health life changes working towards a preventative approach rather than being reactive.

Hypnotic language skills for therapists

Dr Kate Beaven-Marks & Rory Z Fulcher from HypnoTC: The Hypnotherapy Training Company

Join us to learn a variety of practical skills and strategies to persuade and positively influence your therapy clients, whether online, or in-person. These hypnotic language skills can be effectively utilised by any complementary therapist and will help you to make your therapy sessions even more effective. Join two of the UK's top hypnotherapy trainers and become a hypnotic influencer.

Kate and Rory are co-founders of hypnosis-courses.com and HypnoTC: The Hypnotherapy Training Company. With over 40+ years of experience, they are hypnosis experts in their field and are well-respected figures in the hypnotherapy community. As well as teaching hypnotherapy, they run their own respective hypnotherapy practices and believe the best hypnotherapy teachers are those with real-world experience helping clients.

Laughter yoga

This is a live webinar! More details to follow.

Lotte Mikkelsen from UnitedMind Ltd

You are invited to experience laughter exercises combined with deep breathing techniques, all of which will promote health and wellbeing through lowering stress. This is a step-by-step experience of Laughter Yoga where you will learn about the concept of intentional laughter and try exercises you can do on a daily basis.

Lotte Mikkelsen is the leading Laughter Yoga Expert in the UK. Over 1500 individuals have chosen to train with Lotte and she has held more than 1000 corporate workshops. She has a great story to tell from a personal, professional and corporate perspective. Her background and personality enables her to connect with people in a compassionate, fun and engaging.

Massage and microbes

Peter Mackereth, Ann Carter and Anne Ferguson

This is based on our FHT article ‘Massage and Microbes’. COVID-19 has rightly dominated concerns about preventing its spread. However, we must not forget about other pesky bugs! Our focus is to examine the ‘chain of infection’, who is at risk and how we can best protect clients. To illustrate the issues, we will examine 3 case studies.

Anne Ferguson – Independent Lecturer in Infection Control/Tissue Viability, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and author of various papers.
Ann Carter - 25 years’ experience in supportive/ palliative care. Complementary therapy co-ordinator, teacher, author and creator of The HEARTS Process.
Dr Peter Mackereth - Hon. Lecturer/Researcher at The Christie, Nurse and Complementary Therapist. International speaker and author of numerous papers/books.

Medical and scientific jargon explained

This is a live webinar! More details to follow.

Jennifer Young from Jennifer Young and Beauty Despite Cancer

What is the difference between acute and chronic conditions? What does terminal mean? Is the same as life-limiting or end of life? What is first-line treatment and is there an alternative? Idiopathic, congenital, epigenetic – we will never get through them all in an hour but we can have fun trying

Jennifer Young & Beauty Despite Cancer is the recognised expert in oncology touch therapies. Jennifer has a Biology BSc, is a microbiologist, a nutritional therapist, an associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, an aromatherapist, beauty therapist and product formulator. She has two post-graduate qualifications, has been accepted by the Courts as an expert witness and has taught internationally.

Mind detox method: discover and resolve the mind-based causes of physical, emotional and life issues

Sandy C Newbigging from Mind Detox Academy

Help your clients at a deeper level by learning how to go beyond treating surface-level symptoms by uncovering and curing the undercover root causes of your clients physical, emotional and life issues. During this seminar, Sandy will introduce you to powerful and proven principles and protocols for increasing your impact and value as a coach, therapist and friend. 

Sandy is the author of twelve books, a practising monk, and creator of popular therapy and meditation methods - including the Mind Detox Method. Via his Mind Detox Academy, Sandy has trained and qualified practitioners in his methods from over 25 countries and his work has been shown on several television series worldwide. 

Relaxation, meditation and mindfulness for therapists

Christine Browne from Tranquility Zone Training

This seminar will introduce you to the topics of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness, and how you can apply these techniques within your therapy practice to benefit both you and your clients. Learn to bring a mindful approach to your work and help your clients reach deeper levels of relaxation and manage stress effectively.

Christine has been practising complementary therapies and meditation for over thirty years. She works as a therapist and tutor, delivering courses for both beginners and professionals through Tranquillity Zone Training. Finding meditation hugely beneficial on a personal level, Christine is a qualified instructor and loves passing on these powerful techniques to others.

Rising to the challenge: how we adapted to the needs of NHS patients during the pandemic

This is a live webinar! More details to follow.

Gwyn Featonby, Sarah Grant and Julie Crossman from NHS Natural Health School 

Patient-reported outcome measures demonstrate that CT used within the Trust, significantly improve symptom scores for patients with cancer and haematological conditions. This patient group are particularly vulnerable during pandemics, necessitating close contact avoidance. In order to best meet the complex, varied needs of this group, the team developed interventional services to allow CT support to continue in novel ways.

The presenting team all have roles and responsibilities within Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust Natural Health School. Sarah grant is Health and Wellbeing Manager for Cancer Services. Gwyn Featonby is education lead and Julie Crossman is Complementary therapies lead. Dr. Emma Radcliffe is General Manager and Lead cancer manager for the Trust.

''Rubbing shoulders with me" an innovative and fun look at shoulders!

Gail Lowe from Devon Academy

Do you need a shoulder to cry on?" Not anymore, join my journey through the muscles and boney landmarks of the shoulder. Let me guide you around the structure, how muscles work and the logic behind how they move. Learn some basic Latin to help you understand the meaning of names as they often do what's "written on the tin".

I left nursing 35 years ago for a more hands-on career and have never looked back. I am not an academic and I never dreamt that I would become a teacher. I think the medical terminology I learned, combined with my passion and sense of humour brings a more fun, innovative but professional approach to my teaching. I love it!


Using a wellbeing toolkit for self-care in the workplace

Anne and Paul Crease from Touchline Training Ltd

IMPACT Wellbeing Programme is used in education, health, social care, corporate wellbeing and therapists' practices. In this seminar, Anne and Paul show how a self-care wellbeing toolkit of simple, adaptable and effective relaxation techniques with a mindfulness-based approach is used in the workplace and home and how face to face and online teaching enables therapists to support their clients.

Anne and Paul Crease are former schoolteachers, massage therapists and FHT accredited short course providers. Their company, Touchline Training, is a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping people of all ages improve their wellbeing. Since 2011, they have provided instructors’ training courses and ongoing support for adults working in education, health, social care and the wider world of work.

More seminars to be announced.

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