FHT Virtual Congress Sports Therapy Seminars

We are delighted to be featuring the following sports therapy seminars from expert speakers and tutors.

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Chair yoga for all

Richard Kravetz from Yoga for All

This workshop will demonstrate how people with single or multiple ailments due to disability, injury or ageing can share the therapeutic benefits of yoga using accessible and user-friendly ideas and techniques. Attendees will participate in an experiential chair-based practice and learn how yoga can be modified to help people with disabilities exercise safely for physical and mental health.

I qualified with the British wheel of yoga in 2000 and have been teaching chair yoga to people with reduced mobility and special needs for 20 years. I currently teach in day centres, care homes and dementia cafes and deliver training to professionals on all aspects of making yoga accessible to everyone irrespective of age, condition or mobility.

Foundations in exercise rehabilitation

Nic Perrem, Vicki Evans and Sarah Martin from Plymouth Marjon University 

This seminar will focus on the underpinning theoretical concepts required to plan and deliver exercise rehabilitation for sports injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. The session will cover areas such as selecting the correct acute exercise variables (reps, sets, load, tempo etc..), selecting equipment, considering strategies to ensure patient adherence and measuring suitable outcome measures.

Nic Perrem, Sarah Martin and Vicki Evans are academics within the school of sport, health and wellbeing at Plymouth Marjon University. Their main focus of teaching is on Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation programmes. Between them they have a wealth of clinical experience having worked in a diverse range of settings such as public services rehabilitation, private practice, elite and amateur sports.

Introduction to trigger point therapy

Chris Phillips from Cotswold Academy of Health and Beauty

This seminar will aim to introduce you to trigger points; What are they, how are they formed? And most importantly, how can Trigger Point Therapy help our clients? It will also look to discuss the importance of working with fascia to get lasting results for clients in pain.

Chris Phillips trained as a Massage & Sports Therapist in 2000 and developed his private practice in the Cotswolds. In 2006 Chris completed his Certificate in Further Education Teaching and teach sports and remedial massage at the Academy. He has also worked with young troubled people and families in a therapeutic setting, both as a key worker and supervising and training staff.

Kinesiology tape - myth or legend?

Sarah Catlow from Plymouth Marjon University and Dr Lance Doggart from Birmingham City University

Sarah and Lance will be discussing the scientific evidence behind kinesiology tape and investigating its role within injury management and as a potential healing and performance aid. 

Sarah Catlow is the Programme Leader of Sport Therapy and Rehabilitation at Plymouth Marjon University, her research interests are the application methods of kinesiology tape within MSK injuries. Dr. Lance Doggart - Associate Professor and Head of Department, Sport and Exercise, at Birmingham City University. His research interests include the biomechanics of injury and performance biomechanics.

PFP and ITB in runners

Cameron Reid from Cameron Reid Training

This video will demonstrate a knee examination leading to an active and passive examination, leading to a suggested treatment approach. The seminar will include an explanation of findings and a suggested treatment and rehabilitation approach.

Cameron Reid qualified as an Osteopath in 1986. Passionate about education, teaching hands-on skills, to help bridge the gap between therapy, prevention and returning the patient to normal activities. He has worked with Norwich City FC, and run seminars for Tottenham FC, Leinster Rugby, Royal Ballet, Shell UK and lectured on the Physical Ed course University East Anglia.

Running gait analysis

Ian Reinge from Reinge Education

Running gait analysis doesn't need to be only for runners! The unique forces involved in running can be revealing of deep-seated biomechanical issues you may not otherwise see, helping you to make sense of those mystifying presentations. Ian demonstrates how to simply observe running gait, but more importantly how to interpret those observations to create meaningful analysis.

Ian is a Chartered Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist, Sport & Exercise Scientist & Sports Masseur. He feels that no therapy has all of the answers. He developed CPD group which was unique in its day for bringing together, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Bowen Therapist, Kinesiologists, Sports Therapists, Pilates, Yoga and Fitness Instructors to explore differing approaches to the same injuries and conditions.

The role of the deep spinal stabilisers; 'the forgotten five'!

Gina Reinge from Reinge Education

This talk looks at the frequently overlooked role of the deepest of the 'core muscles'; The Spinal Stabilisers. Gina explores the importance of appreciating the attachments points and the resulting function of Rotatores Longi, Rotatores Brevis, Interspinalis, Semi Spinalis and Multifidus. This lecture will arm you with a knowledge that is often the missing link in solving complex back pain.

Gina is an advanced level Sports Therapist, Sports Scientist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist. In 2018 she was awarded FHT Complementary Therapy Award for Pain Management, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation for her work with clients with chronic diseases. The International Therapist Magazine. The Spring 2019 issue, carries a three-page article detailing Gina’s award-winning work with the rare condition, Adhesive Arachnoiditis.

More seminars to be announced.

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