Frequently asked questions


Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) - local support groupsQ What is a Local Support Group?

A local support group is set up by FHT members to cover a local geographical area, which will contain at least 100 FHT members (less in remote areas). The groups will be run by one or two Coordinators who organise talks and other events for the group. They also publish a calendar of events for those attending and publicise the events in the surrounding area. Groups are run under guidelines from the FHT but are flexible enough to suit the requirements of the local membership.

Q Where do they meet?

The Coordinator will find a location that is reasonably central to the area and that will have enough room to accommodate all attendees. We ask them to choose places that will be convenient and easy to find, as well as having adequate car parking, preferably on site and well lit for darker evenings - so attendees will feel safe arriving at and leaving the meetings.

Q How often do they meet?

This is at the discretion of the Coordinator, with a minimum of four meetings a year. Most groups run on average of 6 - 12 meetings a year.

Q Is there a charge to attend the meetings?

Yes, a small fee is to cover the cost of hall hire, speakers and refreshments. Coordinators volunteer to run the meetings and are not paid to do so. Members can enjoy a discounted fee - non-members are welcome to attend but will pay a higher fee.

Q How many CPD points do I earn for attending a meeting?

When attending a meeting relevant to the therapies you practise, you will earn 2 CPD points. You will be offered a CPD certificate when you are signing in. Coordinators will send in signed attendance sheets to head office for logging on the system. Should you be asked to provide your portfolio by head office, these certificates can be supplied.

Q What if there is no group in my area?

If there is no group in your area, perhaps you would like to run one. It is great fun running the group and a chance to meet other therapists.

Q What happens at the meetings?

Every meeting is different, but they usually begin with the group Coordinator distributing information from FHT about local and national events which may be of interest to members. This is a great opportunity for you to raise any queries you may have. If the co-ordinators cannot answer these personally, they will forward your query to FHT and then pass our response back to you.

The next 90 minutes or so will often feature a presentation from a guest speaker, many resulting in either practical demonstrations with a willing volunteer and even full audience participation. Finally, there will be time for questions and networking. The evenings always promise to be good value for money, informative and, most of all, fun.

Q Do the groups do anything in addition to the regular meetings?

The groups may well offer other events. This might include a summer trip, a Christmas party, local workshops from speakers who have given talks, and attending therapy events.