Hertfordshire local support group

Hello, Jay Chandarana (Relax and Revitalise), Rowenna Clifford (Rose Therapies) and Debbie Gribben (Your Inner Peace) warmly welcome you to the group. We are keen to meet other local therapists and to source a variety of Speakers for our meetings which will be of interest to many of you. Should you have any topics you wish us to cover or you or someone you know is keen to come and talk at one of our meetings please get in touch - we would love to hear from you! Please see the schedule on this page for upcoming events and don't forget to book your place!

We look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting!

Meetings and events

Date: 22 May
Time: TBC
Venue: Vutie Beets, The Wynd, Letchworth Garden City
Topic: John from Vutie Beets will talk to us able Vegan options as a way of healthy eating

Date: 10 July
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Novotel, Knebworth Park, Stevenage SG1 2AX 
Topic: Clinical massage with David Sheppard

Date: 2 October
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Novotel, Knebworth Park, Stevenage SG1 2AX 
Topic: “Why should therapists know about scars?” Award winning Emma Holly will speak about the impact of scar tissue and treatment with ScarWork and Massage

Award winning Emma Holly MFHT will speak about the impact of scar tissue on our clients after surgery or accidents and the benefits of treatment with ScarWork.

You may have read Emma’s article in the summer issue of International Therapist magazine. With over 25 years’ experience in massage therapy, she is now fast growing a reputation for excellence within her specialist area of treatment: scar tissue, adhesions and fibrosis.

With more awareness, research and information regarding the bio-dynamics of our bodies fascial network, understanding scars and adhesions is now of growing importance for the manual therapist to consider when delivering a holistic treatment.

Developed in the USA by Sharon Wheeler, ScarWork is a very light and gentle treatment which can have a fast and profound effect on scar tissue, adhesions and fibrosis as a result of surgery or accidents. Treatment is effective on scars which are old as well as new, even a single session may bring lasting benefits. 

Take this rare opportunity to gain insightful and useful information for your therapy practice.

For more information about Emma and his work, visit: http://restoretherapy.co.uk/

Please remember to take your CPD certificate at the end of the talk.

Date: 13 November
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Novotel, Knebworth Park, Stevenage SG1 2AX 
Topic: Prof Helen Payne from the University of Hertfordshire will speak to us about The BodyMind Approach’

In this talk Professor Helen Payne, PhD will introduce participants to a novel, research-based intervention called The Body Mind Approach (TBMA) which has been specifically designed to support people with chronic bodily symptoms for which tests and scans come back negative (pain, fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome etc.).

The theoretical basis, research outcomes and elements from TBMA practice will be examined.

Additional information

Venue is easily accessible from the A1 with plenty of parking.

£5 members / £8 non-members.

Members, please remember to bring your membership card for your discounted entry fee.

CPD certificates will be presented at the end of relevant sessions.


Jay Chandarana
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Rowenna Clifford
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Debbie Gribben
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