Important insurance information

Please read, download and keep the following documents safe.

Summaries of cover:

FHT Medical Malpractice Summary of Cover

Insurance summary for personal accident cover

Insurance summary of stock and equipment cover

Policy wordings:

 Policy wording for combined medical malpractice, public and products liability cover

 Policy wording for personal accident cover

 Policy wording for stock and equipment cover

 Policy wording for professional insurance portfolio


FHT Terms of Business

Hiscox claims factsheet

Security condition for stock and equipment policy

Insurance price list and extensions

Complaints procedure

Aftercare advice

Under the warranties of cover provided by FHT, the following aftercare advice must be given to all clients after treatment:

Aftercare for electrolysis

Aftercare for waxing

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need insurance?

It is a requirement of FHT membership that you hold insurance cover for your therapy work, demonstrating an ethical and professional approach to your work as a therapist. This does not have to be with the FHT, but if insured elsewhere, we do need to see a copy of your insurance schedule.

What is included in the FHT’s medical malpractice, product liability and public liability insurance policy?

This policy is split into three areas:

Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice covers you for professional negligence. For example, when a massage is performed incorrectly and the client suffers injury, such as nerve damage or burns.

Product liability

Product liability covers you if you have used or sold a product which causes injury or an adverse reaction to a client. This insurance is included in the medical malpractice policy. The products being used/ sold have to relate to your therapy qualifications covered by the FHT insurance. If retailing the products, they will only be covered if your total income from selling products is less than £20,000 per annum. Product liability does not cover loss or damage to your stock (this is available as a separate insurance policy ‘Business Stock and Equipment’).

Public liability

Public liability covers you for accidents (not directly relating to treatment) that occur while a client or member of the public is on your premises. For example, a treatment couch collapses while a client is laying on it. Public liability also covers mobile therapists for similar situations occurring in a client’s home or at an event. The cover also includes damage to property whilst on the client’s premises.

Always read the policy documents to make sure you understand what your insurance covers you for. If you have any questions, call the FHT for advice.

Why do I have to be a member of FHT to take out insurance?

The FHT has arranged a preferential group insurance rate for its members. Every member pays the same basic insurance premium and only pays additional premiums for higher insurance risk therapies. This makes it a simpler process for members applying for insurance and means we can insure you immediately rather than having to arrange individual quotes.

What does the indemnity limit mean?

There are several levels of indemnity limits ranging from £1million to £6million. This level determines the highest amount that will be paid out in the event of a single claim. There is also an indemnity aggregate limit which is the total amount that will be paid out in all claims in a policy year. For example with the £3million indemnity limit, the highest amount paid out for a single claim would be £3million, but the total amount of all claims paid out in a year could be up to £5million. Your insurance premium will relate to the level of indemnity per claim.

Indemnity limit

Available to:

Single claim maximum pay-out

Aggregate limit

£1 million

FHT Students

£1 million

£2 million

£2 million

FHT Associates

£2 million

£4 million

£3 million

FHT Members, FHT Fellows or available as an additional premium for FHT Students

£3 million

£5 million

£6 million

FHT Members, FHT Fellows

£6 million

£10 million

Why do I need to send in copies of my qualification certificates?

Until we have seen and accepted a therapy qualification, you will not be insured. FHT checks qualification before adding them to your insurance cover, which means you can be assured that your insurance includes all aspects of the therapies you have learnt. We recommend you contact us in advance of booking any new training to ensure that you can be insured.

I work from home, what insurance policies should I consider?

The medical malpractice, public and products liability policy from FHT protects you and your client through the therapy treatment. If you hold stock or expensive equipment for your therapy work it is also worth considering additional insurance to insure against damage or theft. It is also important to let your home insurance company know that you work from home as this may invalidate your insurance with them if they are not advised; and you may have to update your policy with them. FHT can also offer insurance for business stock and equipment.

I have my own salon where I employ several therapists, what insurance should I consider?

You need to consider the following insurance policies:

  • The medical malpractice, public and products liability policy for you and each of your therapists
  • A salon policy to cover your buildings and contents
  • Employers liability insurance. This is a legal requirement when you have employees, to cover you in the event of them having an accident when working for you
  • Legal expenses insurance cover which gives you legal support and helpline?

When is someone classed as an employee for me to need employers liability insurance?

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees while at work. Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement. If you are in a contract* with another therapist for example, they are salaried and work for you, or they are renting space in your clinic or salon. Employers liability insurance is compulsory. You might however be exempt if you employ only close relatives, but this depends on the structure of your company.

If in doubt, it is worth checking if you require employers liability Insurance. You can contact the HSE on 0845 345 0055.

*No written contract needs to exist.

I rent out my therapy room to other therapists; do I need employers liability insurance?

It is very likely that you will need employers liability insurance if you have a contract (written or not) with the people working in your therapy room.

To check, call the HSE on 0845 345 0055.

I am considering taking out business stock and equipment insurance, what information will I need?

As well as the total value of your stock and equipment, there are security questions we will need confirmed such as the type of door locks and window locks that you have.

If I work in various locations, do I need multiple insurances?

The medical malpractice, public and products liability policy covers you no matter where you are working in the UK.

I am travelling abroad and want to offer treatments, am I insured for this?

Included in the medical malpractice, public and products liability policy is limited oversees cover for up to 30 days in a policy year (excluding US and Canada). You can extend this cover for either EU or worldwide cover for an additional premium.

I am unable to work due to sickness; can I claim on my medical malpractice insurance?

FHT is pleased to announce that from 01 November 2015, all FHT Members and Associates with £2, £3 and £6 million FHT Medical Malpractice cover now have Personal Accident (PA) cover as standard.  And while we hope you and your loved ones will never need it, this policy provides Personal Accident cover, in the event that you are permanently disabled and unable to work, or you die as the result of an accident. Find out more 

Why doesn’t FHT accept home study/distance learning courses?

FHT follows the National Occupational Standards and Core Curriculum for therapies, where these exist. We firmly believe that you cannot learn hands-on therapies through any method other than through practical, tutor-led training. For nutrition advice and anatomy and physiology, which are purely theory based, we will accept some home study courses.

When should I notify FHT about an incident that could result in a claim?

Your clients can have up to three years or more to make a claim so it is important that you let FHT know as soon as something has happened, which you think may potentially result in a claim. We will send you a set of forms, which you should complete and return to us. We will then have this on file in case a claim is made in the future.

If I make a claim on my insurance policy, will this affect my insurance in the future?

It really depends on the claim. If it is proven that you were negligent, the insurance underwriter may require you to undertake further training or confirm what improvements you have made to your current practices. Underwriters always reserve the right to add conditions to a policy or in very rare cases, when the claim has been extreme, i.e. a criminal act, then they may decline to offer you renewal.

When I join or renew my insurance you ask me about material facts. What are these?

A material fact is an insurance term which identifies information that had the insurance company known the truth; it would not have insured the risk. For example, that you treat an A-list celebrity or athlete. Failure to disclose a material fact or falsifying one may mean that in the event of an insurance claim, the insurance will be refused.

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