International Therapist podcast

A podcast for professional complementary, beauty and sports therapists.

Through these conversations, we gain an insight into the backgrounds of prominent figures in the therapy space, delving into the reasons why they fell in love with therapies and their goals for the future.


Celebrating Excellence series

Episode four – Dr Carol Samuel, PhD
We speak to 2014 FHT Excellence in Practice award winner and 2019 FHT Tutor of the Year, Dr Carol Samuel. In this conversation, Carol speaks about her research into the effects of reflexology on acute pain, shares tips for therapists looking to evidence the positive effects of their therapy and reflects on winning her awards.
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Episode three – Stephanie Chaytor
We speak to 2020 FHT Beauty Therapist of the Year and owner of Karma Beauty and Karma Boutique, Stephanie Chaytor. In this conversation, Stephanie speaks about her experience in setting up her business at the age of 19 and how she continued to develop her offering. She also speaks about what winning the award meant to her and gives some words of encouragement to fellow therapists looking to nominate themselves.
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Episode two – Mary Atkinson
We speak to 2020 FHT Complementary Therapist of the Year, Mary Atkinson, who has written six books on massage and co-founded the renowned Story Massage Programme. Mary shares more about her work during the pandemic, explaining why she decided to share stories free of charge and the positive impact it has had on so many. She also tells us about her experience of winning the award, including a special virtual dinner organised by her family!
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Episode One – John Molyneux
We speak to 2020 FHT Sports Therapist of the Year, John Molyneux, author and owner of fitness platform MolyFit. In this conversation, John speaks openly about his incredible journey into therapies, as well as his passion for supporting older people and his experience of being recognised for his hard work in the industry.
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Virtual Congress series

Episode five – Jennifer Young
We speak to skin care expert and FHT accredited course provider, Jennifer Young, from Beauty Despite Cancer. Jennifer speaks about setting up her business, her love for family and supporting people living with cancer.
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Episode four – Cameron Reid
We speak to experienced osteopath and FHT accredited course provider, Cameron Reid, from Cameron Reid Training. Cameron speaks about his seminar on common issues for runners, what he has learnt over his years in practice and gives an honest reflection of his experience during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Episode three – Penny Price
We speak to FHT accredited course provider Penny Price from Penny Price Aromatherapy. Penny shares stories from her childhood, gives an insight into the creation process of her essential oils and we even find out Penny's number one favourite blend.
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Episode two – Dr Peter Mackereth
We speak to Dr Peter Mackreth from The Christie hospital in Manchester. Peter talks about his path into complementary therapies, his research in the field and his current role in supporting the COVID-19 vaccination programme.
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Episode one – Marie Duggan
We speak to FHT accredited course provider, Marie Duggan from Butterfly Touch Therapies, about supporting people living with cancer, what she thinks the next steps are for fully integrating therapies in the NHS, the impact of COVID-19 on therapy training and practice, and much more!
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