North Kent local group

Everyone is welcome to attend the North Kent local group. There are exciting speakers, a welcoming atmosphere and refreshments at each meeting. Please contact Janice to advise of your attendance using the details listed below.

Meetings and events

Date: 28 July 2019
Time: 2pm - 5:30pm
Venue: Clout Memorial Hall, 9 High Street, West Malling, Kent, ME19 6QH
Topic: North Kent CPD Workshop

Cost: £10 members / £15 non-members. This cost includes sessions with 3 speakers and refreshments included.

Speaker 1: Liz Almond

Are you fully utilising your potential as a therapist? Are you monetising your talent fully so that you can attract the right clients? Have you been under valuing your expertise and wisdom? It’s time for you to learn how to systemise, monetise and utilise your wisdom so that you can attract more clients, earn an increased income and help more people with your talent. It’s time to step up to feel more confident and empowered by stepping into your power and knowing that you are worth it! As the multi award winning Mindset Shifter and bestselling author of Are you worth it? A spiritual guide to managing your money mindset, I now understand how to work with therapists to help them bring together their wisdom and talent into a system which can be used to make their business more tangible, to help them attract more clients and to make an even bigger impact to the world with their talent, thus making their businesses more profitable and sustainable. The system will also make therapists more original, memorable and easier to monetise their talent by writing books, courses and delivering talks.

Speaker 2: Janice Figgest

“Menopause in Blue Jeans”. As a fifty something I have learned how to manage the menopause the hard way. If there was a wrong way to do it, I did it that way! Today I am going to share my journey and how I conquered the menopause naturally. Through my mistakes I have been able to help many clients of my age, older and younger by using my experience coupled with extensive research to coach them in what to do, what options they have in both using natural remedies and what is offered by the medical profession. I believe that knowledge is power and passing on the knowledge that I have has helped lots of ladies of all ages. As a practising aromatherapist I will talk about how essential oils can be used to help with hot flushes, stress and anxiety and sleepless nights. I will put some of the focus on the experience of coping with the menopause at work and the particular set of problems ladies encounter and I will teach a simple tool, Emotional Freedom Technique, which can give instant relief from these feelings. This information will be invaluable for those therapists who are attracting ladies who need help with the menopause and would like to be able to share information with anybody who is experiencing the symptoms. 

Speaker 3: Dominque Ampe-Burton

In addition of my current role as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist I also work holistically using tools from the Shamanic practices and rituals with the psychotherapy. It is a fusion of both practices. My company is called New Ancestral Living and I work on a one to one basis or in small workshops. I will talk about bringing Shamanic Ceremonies and Practices into everyday life. During my talk I will explain why the Spirit is always invited to take part, in fact this is an integral part of Shamanic practice. My talk will be very hands on and we will all join in. We will start with an opening ceremony in which we will all participate and then we will all take part in a cleansing ritual. We will learn about the benefits of Shamanic Egg Cleansing and what it is. To end the afternoon I will conduct a closing ceremony. 

Additional Information

Entry fee: £5 members / £6 non-members / £4 students unless stated otherwise.


Janice Figgest
T. 07971 898568