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Date: 14 December 2019
Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Venue: Cedars Youth & Community Centre, Chicheley Road, Harrow Weald, London, HA3 6QH 
Topic: Storyline Kinesiology with Anthony Attenborough

Storyline Kinesiology is called such since it can be seen that all of life is a series of stories linked through time and is only slightly exaggerated in the dramas of Shakesphere and the stories of Charles Dickins. Practically, Kinesiology is a muscle feedback system. Muscle feedback can give a lot of information about the person and their problems. Muscle testing is sensitive to many things including time and emotion. Muscle feedback is not at first directed towards the details of the problem but is instead focused on:
1. when the problem started
2. who it was with
3. what was happening at that time
4. the emotions which are felt within that story.
Those not familiar with muscle monitoring can come and find out how to enhance their current practice with these simple questions using empathy, listening skills and going into the story with the person seeking help.

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Binita Sama-Zakaria
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