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Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) - personal accident coverIn recent years, a growing number of our members have been enquiring about Personal Accident cover through the FHT - particularly those who are self-employed and/or have dependents. As a professional association, it’s also important that we look at ways to support and protect your health, and not just your clients’, throughout your therapy career. 

We are pleased to inform you that we have negotiated a fantastic deal for you with our insurance underwriters. For just an extra £2.45 per annum (including IPT at 12%) - which is the equivalent to 4.7 pence per week - all FHT Members and Associates who have £2, £3 or £6 million FHT Medical Malpractice cover will now have elements of Personal Accident (PA) cover as standard. This new Standard Personal Accident cover has the following features:

Permanent Total Disablement (PTD)

In the event that you have an accident which leaves you permanently disabled and unable to work in your therapy business, you will receive a pay-out of £10,000.

This money would be paid to you direct and can be used however you choose, for instance, paying for help at home or paying off loans.

Accidental Death (AD)

In the event that you die as the result of an accident (such as a road traffic accident, NOT an illness), a lump sum of £10,000 will be paid to your next-of-kin and again, can be used however they choose. 

Some restrictions and limitations do apply. For instance, if members are over the age of 71, the pay-out for PTD and AD is reduced to £1,000. However, it is worth noting that normally this type of cover is not available to people over 71 as it is assumed that they are no longer working and are also at an increased risk of an accident or permanent total disablement.

Additional Cover (AC)

In addition to all of the above, the Standard Personal Accident policy would also pay out £1,000 for obtaining extra medical expertise or assistance; £10,000 should your home need to be altered, for example, to provide wheelchair access; and £1,000 towards your funeral expenses;.

Looking for a little more?

If you would prefer a more substantial pay-out, or want a regular income if you were temporarily unable to work, then for just £11.20 per annum (including IPT), you can add an Optional Upgrade to your Standard Personal Accident cover to include the following features:

Permanent Total Disablement (PTD)

As outlined above, under the new Standard Personal Accident cover, but the pay-out increases to £35,000.

Accidental Death (AD)

As outlined above, under the new Standard Personal Accident cover, but the pay-out increases to £35,000.

Temporary Partial Disablement (TPD)

If you are injured and unable to work for 4 weeks (known as a waiting period), you will receive £100 per week for a maximum of 52 weeks.  An example might be if you broke your arm and were unable to work.  After the 4 weeks, you would receive £100 a week, up until the point you are fit to return to work.

Again, this money can be used however you choose.  While it may not replace all of your lost income, it would cover additional costs that you may have to bear, such as taxi fares to hospital appointments, or paying the cost of a cleaner. Another example might be the cost of temporarily hiring another therapist to cover for you during this ‘down time’.

This Optional Upgrade is only available to members aged 65 years or under at the date the policy is taken out.

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