Peter Wren (Lay Member)

FHT Governing Council - Peter WrenLay Member - representing the interests of the public

Peter has recently retired as Chief Executive Officer of the English Speaking Board.  

He is an established, experienced and well-respected former chief executive of a number of organisations, with extensive leadership, governance and partnership experience in the education and training sector and within charitable trusts. 

After graduating from Bristol University and completing his teacher training at Bath University, Peter taught history in Wigan and St. Helens.

Peter left teaching to become an adviser for St. Helens local education authority. Whilst undertaking that role, he completed his Master’s degree in Education at Liverpool University. It was at this point that he moved to Manchester to work at the North Western Regional Advisory Council for Further Education, then CENTRA in Chorley. 

He was later promoted to Chief Executive of CENTRA and also formed ABC Awards. Peter left that organisation to become Chief Executive of VTCT, the largest NVQ awarding body for Beauty Therapy and Holistic Therapy, based in Eastleigh, Hampshire. Following this experience, he was the Executive Director at EMD Qualifications in Leeds.

Peter and his wife live in Lathom, Lancashire and have two grown-up children and five grandchildren. He enjoys family history, antiques and collectibles, overseas travel, gardening and charity work.