Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care

The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care launched its Accredited Register Scheme in February 2013 - a quality mark for health and social care.

Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) | PSA logoThe Authority oversees statutory bodies that regulate health and social care professionals in the UK. It assesses their performance, conducts audits, scrutinises their decisions and reports to Parliament. The Authority also sets standards for, and accredits, organisations holding accredited registers for health and social care occupations. The Authority's accreditation demonstrates that a accredited register is managed effectively and adheres to good practice. It enhances public protection and helps service users, employers, commissioners and members of the public to make an informed decision in choosing professionals who are competent and behave in an ethical and compassionate manner.

The Authority works with the Department of Health to ensure that quality-assured registers are promoted as the first port of call for employers and the general public.

More information about the Authority's Accredited Register Programme can be found at


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