Shailini Karia (Vice President)

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Shailini Karia is a seasoned beauty professional, with over 28 years’ hands-on experience. Since qualifying as a beauty therapist in 1985 from the prestigious Veronica Orr School of Beauty, she has continuously learned and developed not only her own skills, but those of the staff around her.

Among her many accomplishments, she has liaised with the Healthcare Commission on projects such as client audits and customer satisfaction reports. This, in addition to working with local authorities on matters relating to health and safety regulations within treatments, illustrates that she has a valued voice within the community and that others trust her judgement and objectivity.

Shailini plays an integral role in the development of new treatments and associated products. She regularly attends conferences to be a liaison between scientists and therapists and undertakes sampling of products during their trial phases, demonstrating her capacity to be involved at the inception of new advances in skincare.

As a client-facing therapist, Shailini has daily interaction with new, as well as repeat, business. Her role as head therapist requires her to take on a consultative approach to skincare where she acts as a healthcare advisor in combination with a holistic therapist. She has genuine concern for a client’s health and well-being and is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy a client’s needs. Part of Shailini’s impeccable customer care includes a concerted effort to empower a client through understanding their needs and encouraging self belief and confidence.

As an active partner in the Bharti Vyas group, Shailini takes on a management role which incorporates staff recruitment, training and development, quality control and legislative compliance. Training and development require her to constantly be evaluating and constructively critiquing her staff, affording optimum levels of customer satisfaction that is monitored by continuous demonstration of staff skills.

Shailini is frequently asked to be a guest on a number of radio and television chat shows as a health and beauty specialist. She provides tailored beauty advice to listeners and viewers based on her years of practical experience and vast theoretical knowledge. Shailini is also an in demand external trainer, even having taken part in the Channel 4 reality series ‘The Salon’, as a beauty expert invited in to train their staff.

As a graduate in the field of Complementary Therapy for Stress Management, Shailini is well versed in helping clients to recognise and strategically manage their stress-related anxieties via massage, acupressure, breathing exercises and aromatherapy. The use of this acquired knowledge makes Shailini a credible bank of information and a reliable source of comfort and relief.

As can only be said for a few truly skilled therapist, Shailini prides herself on having eighty percent of clients being repeat customers and the other twenty percent, new clients based on recommendation, this proves her to be valuable to both the business and her clientele.

Shailini is an experienced therapist with expertise and knowledge that is demonstrated in her everyday practice. She is extremely dedicated and has a passion for what she does.