Sustainability report

Our Mission 

The association of choice that supports and educates its membership community to be professional and successful therapists in a rapidly changing world.


FHT was founded by, Wallace S. Sharps in 1962. It was Mr Sharps’ meeting with Helena Rubinstein, who was a passionate advocate of treatment of the whole woman and not just cosmetic application, which was so enlightened at the time. Wallace Sharps became the instigator of radical change to the health and beauty sector and was often in the media. He was even interviewed by Alan Whicker of the tv program ‘Whicker’s World’, an internationally popular programme. FHT was founded as the Society of Beauticians and it provided the first international membership organisation for beauty therapists who had achieved recognised examination standards. Mr Sharps was a man of great integrity and foresight to have achieved this. His work went on to found IHBC/VTCT and, of course, FHT. Wallace Sharps was the founding father of the professional health and beauty industry in the UK. Now, FHT is the largest and leading professional association for therapists across three industry sectors: complementary health, holistic beauty and sports therapies – a truly holistic representation of health and wellbeing. FHT will continue to be at the forefront of the health and wellbeing industry, thinking ahead for our members and supporting them through the ever changing landscape. 


  • Our highest level of corporate oversight is by a non-executive Board of Directors, who are senior representatives from the industry.
  • Internal management and governance is supported by an organisational chart outlining the management and reporting structure of the company.
  • We have written job descriptions for all employees, outlining responsibilities and decision-making authority.
  • We have Senior Management team meetings to plan strategy and make operational decisions.
  • We have a written Code of Ethics and a Whistleblower Policy.
  • We have created internal financial controls.
  • We publish our Board of Directors on our website and our abbreviated accounts at Companies House.



  • We employ the majority of our work force on a fixed salary basis and offer annual cost of living adjustments that match inflation rates.
  • We offer a Government/Private pension plan.
  • We provide health and wellness initiatives.
  • We have an allocated budget for external professional development opportunities.
  • We have HR policies and procedures for discipline, benefits, training and leave.
  • We have formalised feedback and complaint mechanisms beyond direct reporting to address concerns and improve company practices.
  • More than 50% of our company managers identify as women.



FHT manages the value we create for our staff and members through: 

  • Offering protection policies
  • Third party certifications and/or accreditations
  • Feedback, customer service feedback and complaint mechanisms
  • Monitoring member satisfaction
  • Monitoring the industry by remaining up to date and adaptable
  • Assessing the outcomes produced for our members; and offering a sense of community and cause to strive for high quality to support industry standards
  • Written policies in place for ethical marketing, advertisement and member engagement Management of the privacy and security of our member data


Sustainable health

Sustainability is concerned with the ability to endure the future and it applies to so many aspects of life:

  • Products that we buy/services we use;
  • How we live and how it impacts the environment, our community and future generations;
  • How we take care of ourselves and each other in terms of health, lifestyle and work practices.


All of the above impact our immediate quality of life and that of future generations.

It gives me great pleasure to launch FHT’s first Sustainability Report. At FHT, we have ethics as a central tenet of our work. We want to share our work with you on creating a sustainable organisation and help you to create a sustainable lifestyle through our ongoing communications. As a community-oriented business we were established to provide positive benefit for our members. As such we have reviewed and rewritten our Mission Statement and Corporate Values to enhance awareness that we are fully embracing sustainability at FHT. The Board will have the sustainability of our social and environmental performance at the front of our minds during our deliberations.

- Christopher Byrne, FHT President