The Wellness Room



The Wellness Room Summer 2022

In this issue, you will find: 

  • Industry and Members' News
  • Celebrating 60 years, remembering FHT's founder Wallace S Sharps
  • Your holistic therapy memoirs
  • Beneath Surface Level: A Q+A with Weleda's skincare expert, Elizabeth King
  • Vice President Dr Neil Sheehan on preventing injuries during sport
  • Dr Michael Dixon on social prescribing 
  • How to keep your practice safe, sustainable & satisfying with Sarah Allison 
  • On our Shelf: Recommendations for the Summer Season
  • Discover an excerpt of Adam J Jackson's book 'Flipside' including a membership discount and exclusive workbook

You can also enjoy many articles from our three main communities: complementary, beauty and sport; our plant profile; a bright and colourful summertime recipe; new research; medical A-Z and six quick tips to help you practice mindfulness, among so much more.

Landing on doorsteps from the 15th July 2022



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More about The Wellness Room

The Wellness Room is the FHT’s membership magazine. Published on a quarterly basis, the magazine offers a broad range of articles - from aromatherapy and electrolysis, to sports injuries and industry updates. The Wellness Room is a membership benefit and is not available off-the-shelf or by subscription.

Predominantly read by professional therapists or students studying to become professional therapists, it’s also distributed to colleges and universities, hospitals, training providers and other interested parties within the therapy industry.

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"An informative and well put together magazine"

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"Grabbed my attention on a busy day"

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