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FHT is the professional association of choice for student therapists. Established in 1962, we promote high standards in education by supporting tutors in their teaching to ensure students are gaining their qualifications and acquiring the information they need for their future careers. Now tutors and students are accustomed to blended learning, FHT has created a range of online resources ideal for student therapists starting, or progressing, through their qualification. The resources have been created exclusively with students in mind and are all free so read on to find out what is available to you and your students.

Virtual Student Presentation - NEW!

It is FHT's aim to promote high standards in education and ensure student therapists have the support and information they need to confidently excel on their journey to qualification and beyond. To do this, FHT's virtual student presentation programme sees a specially appointed FHT representative present virtually to your students. The session with one of our representatives provides your students with valuable information about our professional association, therapy insurance, professional practice and much more. Presented over the video platform of your choice, let us show your students what we can do to support them as professionals.

If you would like to book a presentation slot, please get in touch using this form

A Day In The Life Of

FHT’s ‘a day in the life of’ feature provides your students with examples of what a typical day looks like for a therapist in the complementary, beauty and sport industries. It follows individuals from each industry who are doing amazing work to support their clients and promote their therapies. The articles equip your students with a real life insight into what their future career could look like and inspiration for what they can achieve doing different roles within their industry.

To request copies of ‘a day in the life of’ for the complementary, beauty and sport industries, please click here.

The Wellness Room magazine

The Wellness Room is the FHT's membership magazine, enjoyed by therapists everywhere. The magazine covers a broad range of subjects within the complementary, beauty and sport industries. As a membership benefit, it is not available off the shelf but FHT would love to supply your students with the latest copy. 

Available online or as a hard copy, please request yours today by clicking here.

FHT Masterclass

FHT has recently collaborated with two fantastic speakers to create a two part series of videos to aide your students on their business modules. The masterclasses will be especially helpful to students who are thinking of setting up their own business and becoming a self-employed therapist. The videos available are:

Nail your ideal client
Therapist, Nikki Collinson-Phenix, has been in practice for over 20 years and in her masterclass she details how to create a therapy business built on strong foundations so more clients can be served and retained while earning a good income and making a bigger impact in the world. 

Power of a blog
Lisa Slater from Make Your Copy Count describes how to use a blog to establish expertise and credibility, build trust, raise awareness, engage a bigger audience and generate more website traffic - all of which will lead to an increase in enquiries and sales.

You can request each video by clicking here.

If you would like to discuss any of the above, chat to someone about student membership or register for FHT's quarterly Tutor Bulletin email then please email on info@fht.org.uk or 023 8062 4350.