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Dawn works with, supports, & teaches you how to achieve a new healthier lifestyle. Helping you deal with any physical, emotional or behavioural issues that prevent you from enjoying your everyday living because 'illness is not a choice.... but recovery is!' Dawn uses her therapies & skills to assess & assist you find solutions you need when you need them. She believes that within us we have everything we need to be the person we truly want to be. Each session is tailored to meet the clients needs, and all therapies are adapted for Private, Corporate, Hospice & Cancer care. Offering clinically researched & evidence based Complementary, Integrated Psychotherapy Counselling & Mindful Based Awareness both for individuals or group setting
Practice name: 
Into Health Well-Being Specialists
62 Church Road,Haydock
WA11 0TH
United Kingdom
Home telephone: 
01942 713375


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