West Sussex Chichester local group

Below are the events for the year for the local group of the FHT. The events and talks are open to everyone; FHT members, members of other therapy associations and the general public. The more the merrier. Many of our members bring partners, friends and colleagues who always comment on the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the group. 

Meetings and events

Date: 17 February 2022
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: North Mundham Village Hall Small Hall Room, School Lane, North Mundham Chichester West Sussex PO20 1LA
Topic: Yoga and breath work - rest and digest

Come and experience a rest and digest yoga class; starting with breath work and ending in relaxation. The asana (movement) will be very gentle so suitable for all including those who have never practiced yoga before. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a matt and a blanket to keep warm.

Kerry’s passion is to help people take better care of themselves - body, mind and spirit - though the art of movement, yoga, breath and stillness/meditation. She is also trained in various modalities including massage and reiki. She has a keen interest in nutrition for optimal health and for sustainability not just for humans but for the planet.

Kerry Hodges – Sycamore Holistic Therapies - Mobile: 07887 683333 www.sycamoreholistics.com

Date: 21 April 2022
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: North Mundham Village Hall Small Hall Room, School Lane, North Mundham Chichester West Sussex PO20 1LA
Topic: How diet, stress and hormones are at the core of our health

Speaker: Claire Snowdon-Darling – Balanced Wellness

Claire Snowdon-Darling is the founder and senior practitioner at Balanced Wellness, the creator of Functional Kinesiology and The Head of the College of Functional Wellness, a training School offering accredited training programmes in a new and exciting approach to health. She is regularly featured in the national press in publications such as Woman and Home, The Guardian, and Natural Health. She has also made appearances on Tv and radio.

Following her own extraordinary personal journey to overcome ill-health, trauma and depression, Claire was led to this career and embraces a “whole health” approach including diet, lifestyle, meditation, exercise, conscious relationship, and a non-toxic lifestyle.

Her specialist topics are menopause and hormonal imbalances, adrenal issues and chronic fatigue, along with emotional issues such as anxiety and the undiscussed connection between them all.

As a kinesiologist and nutritionist, Claire is passionate about breaking through the health myths that cloud the health industry and offering the truth at a time when people need information they can trust. Claire has experienced both first-hand and from working with thousands of people, that you have the power to change your health and emotional outlook, and create deep fulfilment by making small, educated decisions every day that ultimately allows you to reclaim your emotions, free you of symptoms and stop you being dependent on doctors and medication.

Claire’s talk will cover how diet and food intolerance are essential for health, what stress is really and how do we reduce it and how chronic conditions are linked to our hormones. The talk will contain useful tips and information for you to use personally and be able to pass on to your clients.

IG/FB @clairesnowdondarlingofficial @balancedwellnessofficial @functionalwellnessoffical




Other dates

16 June - Kim Lovelace - Qigong for wellbeing
18 August - Paul Kesrouany is the Subject Matter Expert to the NHS on Spinal Mechanics, Lifting Techniques and Core Control. Since holding this position, he has taught multiple First Responders how to train for the high intensity of their extremely demanding roles who help people from all walks of life in all situations.

During the seminar there will be demonstrations on how to add layers of functional anatomical strength to your daily tasks how to “breathe behind the shield” as taken from Eastern Martial Arts and how to help your patients/clients with their recovery by combining a few simple ideas.

For further information, please contact Paul on 07747238391, or email on southcoastspinalclinic@gmail.com.

20 October - TBC
15 December - TBC

Additional Information

£5 members / £7 non-members / £3 students. Virtual meetings are free to attend.

Please RSVP, details below.


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