West Sussex Chichester local group

Below are the events for the year for the local group of the FHT. The events and talks are open to everyone; FHT members, members of other therapy associations and the general public. The more the merrier. Many of our members bring partners, friends and colleagues who always comment on the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the group. 

Meetings and events

Date: 24 March 2021
Time: 7pm
Venue: Zoom
Topic: Havening Technique with Amanda Looker

We all know this have been a very tough year, and we each have experienced it very differently and are still doing so. As therapist we understand the importance of healing the body as a whole. l am offering a short zoom group call, to let you experience how ‘The Havening Techniques’ can help you through this period. Using this scientific based psychosensory technique we will experience how using this technique you can activate the delta waves, including releasing serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, your happy feel-good hormones, and how by using this at home or wherever you can find a few minutes to yourself you can change the way you are feel. The Havening Techniques help people delink past emotional traumas and unwanted memories of past experiences, including anxiety, pain, PTSD, fears, addictions, and phobias. This revolutionary therapy is changing the lives of many and will be a fabulous go-to therapy for yourselves, when helping others. All l need if you and exceptionally clean freshly washed hands.

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Meeting ID: 717 0705 9116
Password: Q1BqiD

Additional Information

£5 members / £7 non-members / £3 students. Virtual meetings are free to attend.

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Anna Gatland
T. 01243 841174 / 07815 455732
E. info@freedomtherapies.co.uk