Q - QUALIFICATION COURSE: FHT Accredited Qualification is a training course that follows the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Core Curriculum - where available - for the therapy and one that qualifies the student to practitioner level. This is for learners who are starting from the beginning with no knowledge in the therapy.

SC - SHORT COURSE: A FHT Accredited Short Course is a training course that on its own does not follow the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Core Curriculum for a therapy and one which may not qualify the student to practitioner level. Short courses expand on an existing therapy that follows the NOS or FHT standards as best practice, i.e. Pregnancy massage or CPD courses.


- Breathworks Introductory Teacher Training
- Breathworks Advanced Teacher Training

British Academy of Crystal Healing
- Therapist Diploma in the Art of Crystals Healing

Gaia School of Natural Health
- Level 3 Diploma in Indian Head Massage

K.O.R.E. Academy Ltd
- KORE Consultants Diploma
- KORE Musculoskeletal Specialist

Olettesa Reiki & Holistic Therapies
- Reiki Level One
- Reiki Level Two Practitioner

Reiki Tradition
- Reiki Practitioner
- Reiki 1st Degree
- Reiki 2nd Degree


Acupuncture Training Providers Ltd
- Facial Aesthetic Cosmetic Enhancement (FACE) Acupuncture 
- Western Medical Acupuncture and Dry Needling for Musculoskeletal Pain

British Academy of Crystal Healing
- Beauty with Crystals: Crystal Massage and Natural Light Therapy

BCT Workshops
- Introduction to Crystals

Dorn Method Academy UK (Jacqui)
- Dorn Method

Health Med Training Solutions
- Level 4 Aesthetic Anatomy & Physiology
- Level 4 Aesthetic Needling Anatomy & Physiology

Hero Lifestyle 
- Mastering your Menopause

K.O.R.E. Academy Ltd
- KORE Cupping Therapy
- KORE Amno Fu - Deep Organ Massage

NotLost Wellbeing Ltd
- Mindset Mastery Online

Sigma Woman
- Baby Massage Instructor

The Master Academy/Urban Body Balance
- Infertility Acupuncture - Student to Master
- Infertility Acupuncture - Masterclass Part II - Associated Problems with Infertility
- Cupping Therapy Masterclass
- Electro-Acupuncture Masterclass

Warrington & Vale Royal College
- Lash Lift

Xtreme Therapeutics
- Dry Cupping

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