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The FHT's membership magazine, International Therapist, is published quarterly and reaches a circulation of 12,000 per issue. It provides a wide variety of articles covering topics such as holistic health and wellbeing, industry professional interviews, research articles and business advice.

The magazine is primarily aimed at professional therapists and students who are members of the FHT. It is distributed to colleges, universities, doctors surgeries and private therapy. 

Please Note: IT is a membership benefit and is not available off-the-shelf or by subscription.

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The sensation of crisper, more energising days are upon us and we can’t help but be stirred by the renewal of energy. This seasonal shift is considered a perfect time to pause, reflect and chart a course for fresh goals and aspirations. The autumn issue of International Therapist embodies just this sentiment, brimming with insights and strategies to enhance your therapy business, effectively market yourself, uncover the secrets of nature’s remedies and engage in self-reflection through the practice of journalling, among our regulars and other enriching topics.

You can expect these alongside other articles, including:

  • The Wonders of Children’s Massage, inviting FHT Accredited Course Provider Tina Allen, of the Liddle Kidz® Foundation, to share her perspective on the efficacy of massage in paediatrics.
  • Auricular Reflexology with qualified reflexologist Allison Walker, who shares the benefits of this magical microsystem.
  • Finding Your Ideal Client with pivotal steps to help identify your preferred customer for a more fulfilling career.
  • Breaking Stigma, Nurturing Health with Grace Hempshell opening the conversation around destigmatising menstrual shame in your practice.
  • A Holistic Approach to Beauty and why moving away from a convention beauty salon can do wonders for your employees and clients wellbeing.
  • Autumn Crystals for Grounding an Rooting with Jackie Winters, offering her favourites to cope with the transitions of the season.
  • An Introduction into Thai Table Massage and why it is a great add-on to your practice, perfect for client and therapist alike.
  • The Therapist’s Guide to Online Impact with best-selling Amazon author and former BBC presenter, Janey Lee Grace.
  • Three Self-Massages to help care for your hands and thumbs with massage therapist and trainer, Darien Pritchard.
  • Considerations for Client’s with Anxiety, as hypnotherapist Sharon Stiles shares her advice on how to communicate effectively with and help client’s who may be suffering.
  • From Passion to Profit, talking through tips for a successful beauty business including smart financial decisions and the ability to optimise expenses.

We also share information on recent local support group meetings, and our usual features like Mindful Marketplace, Plant Profile, Our Autumn List, Reading Room, Research, Medical A-Z, Education Matters and CPD Help.

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