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FHT's accreditation team is here to help guide and support new and existing course providers through their journey of becoming an FHT accredited course provider.

Accreditation ensures that course providers and prospective students recognise that qualifications and short courses have been independently and externally assessed, meeting the highest standards.

We offer accreditation nationally and internationally, which is an exciting opportunity to get your courses approved and recognised throughout the industry.

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Benefits of FHT accreditation include: 

There are many benefits of becoming an FHT accredited course provider. Newly accredited course providers will receive:

  • A certificate of accreditation and a wall plaque to display in your premises.
  • A listing in our respected membership magazine, International Therapist, and on the website.
  • A logo for use on your course documents and website.

A new certificate will be sent annually to accredited course providers upon renewal.

Become an FHT accredited course provider

There are two types of accreditation available:

  • Accredited qualification; involving a review of the course documents, plus an inspection visit to observe course delivery and to review health and safety procedures at your venue.
  • Accredited short courses; involving a review of the course documents with no inspection visit, however, we do ask for photographic evidence of your venue to review health and safety procedures.

Please note: accreditation timescales are dependent on receipt of course documentation and availability of both parties for inspection.

If you are running a therapy qualification or short course, and would like to learn more about the FHT Accreditation scheme the following links provide more information: 

Terms and Conditions

Pricing structure

For a checklist of the documents required before starting the process click here

If you are already an Accredited Course Provider, you will be required to complete the Accreditation Quality Assurance form prior to the annual renewal of your Accredited course(s). The Accreditation team will contact you when you need to complete this form. To give yourself an idea of the information required, please click here

“Choosing the Federation of Holistic Therapists as your accrediting body offers peace of mind for all concerned and makes all your efforts worthwhile. From application to acceptance, the process is fully explained, easy to align with, affordable, thorough and fair. With guidance and support along the way, I find the FHT accreditation process a natural part of my business development.” Anna - Louise Haigh, Founder of Anna - Louise Haigh

"Reiki Tradition selected the FHT to be our accredited provider because of the high standards, mark of quality assurance and code of conduct they expect from their members & training providers. Accreditation has proved highly successful for our students assisting them to work alongside orthodox medicine in hospitals, hospices,  care & residential homes. Being able to offer Accredited Reiki courses with standards and quality, is something we wanted at the core of our business. Since becoming an Accredited training provider Reiki Tradition has come to realise that many students are wanting the accreditation route & opting for the quality assurance that is gained from choosing us as their chosen training provider." Mr M R Thirlwell MFHT for and on behalf Reiki Tradition

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Listed below are examples and templates of different policies:

Risk assessment template 

Health and safety template 

Equal opportunities template

Complaints policy template

Privacy policy template

For more information on policies and templates, please visit: https://www.hse.gov.uk/