Please find a list below of accepted therapies for FHT membership and insurance. Pre-requisites may apply and high risk therapies may require additional premiums.

This list is not exhaustive – please contact us if your therapy is not listed.

Section 1: Membership is available for the following therapies, conditional on them being from a recognised training provider. Standard rate insurance cover applies.

Alexander technique 
Baby massage 
Beauty therapy
Bleaching of superfluous hair 
Body massage
Bowen technique 
Camouflage make-up 
Chinese cupping 
Counselling # 
Cranio sacral therapy 
Crystal therapy 
Deep tissue massage 
Electrical body treatments (beauty) 
Electrical epilation 
Exercise advise / knowledge / assessment
Exercise and aerobics 
Facial electrical beauty treatments 
Facial massage 
Facials (beauty) 
False eyelashes 
Faradic treatments 
Galvanic treatments 
Gymnasium based exercise
Hairdressing #
High frequency techniques 
Indian head massage
Lash and brow techiques 
Microsystems acupuncture 
Nail art 
Nail extensions 
Nail techniques 
Nutritional therapy 
Personal trainer
Reiki master teacher
Sauna / steam
Sports injuries
Sports massage
Sports therapy
Swedish massage
Thermal auricular therapy (ear candling)
Yoga therapy
Zone therapy

Section 2: Membership can also include the following therapies subject to you holding a relevant and accepted therapy qualification listed in section 1. *Included in standard rate cover unless otherwise indicated with a # where an additional premium would apply.

Activity injuries 
Advanced aromatherapy
Advanced electrolysis # 
Advanced manual lymphatic drainage # 
Advanced massage 
Advanced reflexology

Alpha-hydroxy acid treatment (30-35%) # 
Amno Fu deep organ massage 
Animal therapy § ¢ 
Aromatherapy and cancer care 
Aromatherapy and pregnancy 
Aromatherapy for carers 
Aston therapies 
Audio sonic #
Auricular therapy 
Ayurvedic techniques 
Baby yoga (exc inversion technique) 
Balinese massage (Indonesian massage) 
Barbering #
Be set free fast 
Bharti Vyas method 
Biodynamic massage 
Biomagnetic therapy 
Bioskin jetting # 
Body brushing and exfoliation 
Body talk system 
Body wrapping 
Bremer quantum 
Breuss spinal massage 
Bridal make-up 
Buckwheat massage 
Chi exerciser 
Chinese foot massage 
Circuit training 
Colour analsyis 
Colour therapy 
Combined decongestive therapy - advanced manual lymphatic drainage # 
Counselling for a therapy 
Cranial balancing 
Crystal acupuncture 
Crystal sound 
Daoyin Tao 
Deep oscillation massage 
Dorn method 
Drama therapy 
Ear piercing (lobe only) 
Ear reflexology 
Electrical filing (manicure) 
Emmett technique 
Emotional freedom technique 
Energy morphing activation 
Equine massage # ¢ 
Exercise for mothers with babies in buggies 
Exercise to music 
Eyelash perming 
Face and body painting 
Facial acupuncture 
Facial reflexology 
Facial rejuvenation 
Fake tan 
False eyelashes 
Fashion make-up 
Fitness for children 
Flower remedies 
Foot massage 
Foot stone therapy 
Gem essences 
Group exercise 
Gymnasium based exercise 
Hair extensions (available only if hairdressing) # 
Hand massage 
Hand reflexology 
Hand, arm, leg, foot acupressure 
Hands free chair massage 
Hands free massage 
Hands free reflexology 
Hawaiian massage 
Holistic face and body reading 
Holistic facial massage 
Hypnotherapy (exc past life regression) 
Inferential therapy # 
Infra-red treatments 
Inversion table 
IPL facial skin rejuventation # 
IPL/laser hair reduction # 
Jin Shin Jyutsu 
Kore therapy 
Korean hand massage 
Laser acupuncture
Lava shells 
Lebed method 
Light dynamic technique 
Light heat energy (LHE)
Light touch therapy 
Magnetic crystal sound healing 
Making aromatherapy products for sale 
Manual lymphatic drainage 
Mask therapy 
Massage and pregnancy 
Massage for cancer care 
Massage in schools instructor 
Media make-up 
Mendhi henna skin painting 
Meridian therapies 
Metamorphic technique® 
Micro-current treatments 
Micropigmentation # 
Mind and body therapy 
Mind detox method
Mindfulness therapy 
Mongolian massage 
Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) 
Neurostructural integration technique 
Nutrition advice (non-medical) 
On-site massage 
Paraffin wax 
Photographic make-up 
Polarity therapy 
Posture analysis 
Psychotherapy, CBT # 
Qi Gong 
Quantum touch
Reflexology and pregnancy 
Reflexology for cancer care 
Reflexology and fertility
Reflexology lymph drainage 
Remedial camouflage make-up
Remedial exercise
Reset (reiki-type jaw treatment)
Resistance training
Retailing of essentials oils and blends to clients
Rossiter method
Russian honey massage
Sauna and spa pool
Seated acupressure massage
Semi-permanent eyelashes
Semi-permanent make-up #
Skeletal balancing
Slavic massage
Sound therapy
Spinal touch therapy
Sports event massage
Sports injury - taping / bandaging / strapping
Stimplus pen - reflexology
Stone therapy
Stress management
Tai Chi
TAPAS acupressure technique
Temporary water based tattoos
Thai foot massage
Thai hand massage
Thai herbal compress massage
Thai massage
Thai massage nerve touch
The M technique 
Theatrical make-up
Thermal auricular therapy (ear candling)
Thought field therapy
Tibetan acupressure head massage
Tibetan ball massage
Tibetan head massage
Tibetan massage
Toning tables
Total Release Experience (TRE)
Touch therapy
Tui-Na (Chinese massage)
Ultrasound, TENS, lasers (sports therapy) #
Vertical reflex therapy
Vibrational healing (colour, light sound)
Zero balancing

# Additional premium applies.

* Proof of qualification will be required with a copy certificate with module listing.

¢ Conditions apply.

§ Animal therapy covers treatments performed in: reiki, aromatherapy, Bowen technique, shiatsu and massage.