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Q - QUALIFICATION COURSE: FHT Accredited Qualification is a training course that follows the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Core Curriculum - where available - for the therapy and one that qualifies the student to practitioner level. This is for learners who are starting from the beginning with no knowledge in the therapy.

SC - SHORT COURSE: A FHT Accredited Short Course is a training course that on its own does not follow the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Core Curriculum for a therapy and one which may not qualify the student to practitioner level. Short courses expand on an existing therapy that follows the NOS or FHT standards as best practice, i.e. Pregnancy massage or CPD courses.


Brighton Holistics
Manicure and Pedicure Level 2 Certificate
Body Massage Level 3 Diploma
Reiki 1st Degree
Reiki 2nd Degree
Reiki 2nd Accredited Practitioner Diploma
Reiki Master Practitioner
Reiki Master Teacher
Indian Head Massage Level 3 Diploma
Facials and Skincare Level 2 Certificate
Swedish Body Massage Level 3 Diploma
Waxing Treatments Level 2 Certificate
Threading Treatments Level 2 Certificate
Sports Massage Level 3 Diploma
Reflexology Level 3 Diploma
Lash and Brow Treatments Level 2
Aromatherapy Level 3 Diploma
Sports Massage Therapy Level 4 Certificate
Sports Massage Level 5 Certificate
Reflexology Level 5

Brighton Holistics Online
- Anatomy and Physiology Level 3
- Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Level 3
- Pathology Level 3

Brighton School of Massage
- Indian Head Massage Diploma
- Holistic Massage
- Reflexology Diploma
- Level 3 Aromatherapy Diploma
- Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology Online
- Sports Massage Level 3 Diploma
- Sports massage Level 4 Certificate

Calming Influences Ltd
- Aromatherapy

Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management
- Dietary Educator Certificate
- Post Graduate Dietary Educator

Cherubs Training Academy Hampshire
- Diploma in Baby and Child Massage

Elaine Caswell Therapy Training
- Integrated Counselling Skills Level 2 & 3

Elemi Training
- Aromatherapy Diploma

- Body Massage Diploma
- Reflexology Diploma

Lucis College Ltd
- Level 3 Postgraduate Certificate in Holistic Crystal Therapy for Practising Therapists
- Indian Head Massage
- Reiki Level 1
- Reiki Level 2
- Reiki 3 Master Practitioner
- Reiki Master Teacher
- Reflexology Practitioner Course

Mary Atkinson Holistic Therapy Courses
- Diploma in Indian Head Massage

Natasha de Grunwald
- SOMA Health

The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology
- Systematic Kinesiology Practitioner Course
- Systematic Kinesiology Diploma course

The College of Functional Wellness
- Functional Kinesiology Diploma
- Holding Space 
- Functional Wellness Diploma

- Ayurvedic Massage
- Ayurvedic Therapy
- Shirodhara


- Aromatherapy Product Making using
Pre-Blended Essential Oils

Brighton Holistics
- Advanced / Deep Tissue Massage Diploma
- An Introduction to Colour Therapy Online
- Aromatherapy Product Making Diploma
- Body & Mind Analysis Online
- Business Set Up
- Candle Massage Practitioner Diploma
- Common Injuries & Soft Tissue Dysfunction
- Ear Candling Practitioner Dipolma
- Emergency First Aid at Work Level 3
- Emergency First Aid for Therapists Level 3 
- Fertility Reflexology Practitioner Diploma 
- Hot and Cold Stone Massage Practitioner Diploma
- Hot and Cold Stone Reflexology Practitioner Diploma
- Introduction to Aromatherapy
- Introduction to Body Massage
- Introduction to Indian Facial Treatments
- Introduction to Indian Head Massage
- Introduction to Reflexology
- Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) Massage Practitioner Diploma
- Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner Diploma
- Massage with Pre-blended Aromatherapy Oil Practitioner Certificate
- Myofascial Release Practitioner Diploma
- Neuromuscular Techniques Practitioner Diploma
- Oncology Massage Practitioner Diploma
- Postural Analysis Practitioner Diploma
- Pregnancy and Labour Massage Practitioner Diploma
- Range of Movement Practitoner Diploma
- Revitalising Facial Massage Practitioner Diploma
- Seated Chair (Acupressure) Massage Practitioner Diploma
- Soft Tissue Release Practitioner Diploma
- Subtle Energy Massage Techniques Practitioner Diploma
- Sugaring Practitioner Diploma
- Taping & Strapping Practitioner Diploma
- Thai Foot Massage Practitioner Diploma
- Thai Herbal Compress Massage Practitioner Diploma
- Trigger Point Therapy Practitioner Diploma
- Understanding Zone Therapy Online
- Facial Reflexology Practitioner Diploma
- Hand Reflexology Practitioner Diploma
- Maternity Reflexology Practitioner Diploma
- Oncology Reflexology Practitioner Diploma
- Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner Diploma
- Stretching & Rehabilitative Exercise Practitioner Diploma

- Warm Bamboo Massage
- Covid 19 Awareness for Therapists
- Aromareflex

Brighton Holistics Online
- Health and Safety Level 3
- Working with Preblended oils
- Aromatherapy And Essential Oils Revision and Refresh
- Understanding Chemistry of Aromatherapy
- Foot Conditions
- A Guide to energy
- A Guide to Nutrition
- Soft Tissue Dysfunction
- A Introduction to Crystals
- Introduction to using Pendulums
- Understanding and managing Stress
- Understanding Equality
- Understanding Mental Health
- Understanding  the Body using Body Zones System

Brighton School of Massage
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Hot Stone Massage
- Face Lift Massage
- Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage
- Pregnancy Massage
- Advanced Massage Techniques

Calming Influences Ltd
- Essential Oils Practitioner Certificate - Introduction

- Facial Reflexology
- Masterclass in Reflexology for the Maternity Client

- Save Your Thumbs – Thai Sticks for Reflexologists

College of Classical Massage Ltd
Certificate Deep Tissue Massage
Certificate Onsite Massage
Diploma Structural Rebalancing

- Nutrition for your skin. Find Your Glow - From the Inside, Out. An accredited Course in Nutrition for Healthy Skin

Elemi Training
- Hand and Ear Reflexology

- Holistic Facial Therapy
- Hot and Cold Stone Therapy

- Indian Head Massage Diploma
- Introduce Pre-blended Oils to Your Massage
- Relaxing Pregnancy Massage Course

Freedom Therapies Training
- Deep Tissue Massage

From the Seed
- Aromatherapy & Massage for Pregnancy

Hawaiian Huna Massage UK Training Centre
- Hawaiian Massage Practitioner Training

Innamincka Training Services
- Therapists First Aid

Jane Sheehan
- Foot Reading Theory Workshop
- Foot Reading Practical Workshop
- Foot Reading Theory Workshop

Lucis College
- Advanced Crystal Therapy for Practitioners and Healers Level 1
- Advanced Crystal Therapy for Practitioners and Healers Level 2
- Crystal Facial
- Introduction to Crystals
- Flower & Gem Essence Practitioner

Purple Turtle Academy
- Pregnancy Massage
- Natural Facelift Massage with Advanced Techniques
- Hands Free Deep Tissue Massage
- An Introduction to Reflexology
- Holistic Beauty Facial
- Thermal Auricular Therapy
- Pregnancy Indian Head Massage

- Pain in Cancer Survivors

R.J. Buckle Associates
- The 'M' Technique®

Shakra Centre
- Advanced Crystal Healing
- Crystal Healing
- Crystal Healing Practitioner Part 3
- Special Needs Awareness

Shared Beauty Secrets
- Lava Relax Massage
- Lava Shell Therma Facial
- Lava Rescue Massage
- Glacial Detox Massage
- Lava Shells Warming Back Massage
- Lava Mama Pregnancy Massage
- A Caring Touch
- Molten Lava Stones
- Sensory Retreats Divine Escape Massage (Online)
- Thermabliss (Online)

The Advanced Attraction Company Ltd
- Advanced Law of Attraction Course

The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology
- Foundation Course

The College of Functional Wellness
- Nutrition for Health

The Holistic and Wellness Course Academy
- Menopause Wellbeing Practitioner

The Ixchel System
- Get Into Your Body

Time for a Change
- Advance Reiki Body Energy Analysis

Total Release Experience (TRE UK™)
- TRE UK Practitioner Diploma Course

- First Aid for Therapists - Emergency First Aid at Work