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Q - QUALIFICATION COURSE: FHT Accredited Qualification is a training course that follows the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Core Curriculum - where available - for the therapy and one that qualifies the student to practitioner level. This is for learners who are starting from the beginning with no knowledge in the therapy.

SC - SHORT COURSE: A FHT Accredited Short Course is a training course that on its own does not follow the National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Core Curriculum for a therapy and one which may not qualify the student to practitioner level. Short courses expand on an existing therapy that follows the NOS or FHT standards as best practice, i.e. Pregnancy massage or CPD courses.


Core Elements
- Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy
- Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy
- Level 5 Diploma in Sports and Clinical Therapy

Holistic Approach Academy
- Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology
- Level 3 Aromatherapy

- Level 3 Body Massage
- Level 3 Indian Head Massage

- Level 3 Reflexology

University of St Mark & St John
- Level 4 Soft Tissue Therapy


Amethyst Trust
- Amethyst Trust Specialist Cancer Massage Training
- Amethyst Receptionist (online)
- Reflexology for Wellbeing (online)

- Specialist Cancer Massage (online)

Booth VRT Ltd
- Vertical Reflexology (VRT): Basic and Advanced Fast-Track class

Cheltenham School of Complementary Therapy & Beauty
- Indian Head Massage Practitioner's Course
- Excellence in Reflexology-Refreshing Your Skills
- Holistic Facial Practitioner's Course
- Hot Stone Massage
- Pregnancy Massage
- LED Gel Polish Application
- Massage With Power
- Emergency First Aid at Work

Core Elements
- Level 5 Electrotherapy and Ultrasound
- Level 5 Manual Therapy and Joint Mobilisations
- Cupping Therapy for Sport and Massage
- Level 5 Dry Needling for Sports Massage and Therapy
- CPD in Myofascial Cupping for Massage, Sport and Injury Treatment
- CPD in Kinesiology Taping for Sport and Injury
- Level 5 CPD Certificate in Rehabilitation Sport and Exercise

- Certificate in Musculoskeletal Examination and Assessment for Sports Massage and Sports Therapy
- Sports Taping and Strapping
- CPD in the Science of Stretching
- CPD in Hot Stones for Sport & Massage Therapy
- Level 5 CPD Certificate in Advanced Dry Needling
- Clinical Yoga (Part 1 Posture)
- Clinical Yoga (Part 2 Sequencing)
- Couch Based Passive Stretching 
- Tecar Therapy

Cotswold Academy Complementary Health and Sport
- Indian Head Massage
- Hot Stones Massage
- Pregnancy Massage
- Taping and Strapping
- On-Site Massage
- Myofascial Cupping Therapy
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Trigger Point Therapy
- Muscle Energy Technique
- Kinesiology and Sports Taping

East Devon Sports Therapy: Rehabilitation & Performance Centre 
- Kinesiology Taping
- Muscular Energy Techniques and Soft Tissue Release

Holistic Approach Academy
- Pregnancy Massage
- Revitalising Holistic Facial Massage
- Advanced Massage Techniques
- Hot and Cold Stone Therapy
- Chakra Healing (using crystals)
- Ear Candling

JemmaCo Limited
- JemmaCo Detox Massage 1 Day
- JemmaCo Pregnancy Massage 2 Day

Light Touch Therapy Training
- Light Touch Therapy Training in Painless Spinal Touch

Massage for Dementia
- Massaging People Living With Dementia

Physical Solutions UK
- Kinetic Taping

Seren Natural Fertility
- 'Reproreflexology' Reproductive Reflexology

The Children's Reflexology Programme
- The Children's Reflexology Programme Instructor's Course

Therapy Health and Beauty Clinic
- Cupping Massage for Qualified Massage Therapists

Tranquillity Zone Training
- Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness for Therapists Online

Weston Hospicecare
- Introduction to Palliative Care and Complementary Therapy

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