A leading training provider for Massage and Complementary Therapies in London, City Lit is Europe’s largest centre for adult education. It offers a wide range of Health and Wellbeing related courses from Fitness and Relaxation courses to Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Self-defence courses and First Aid. The college is recognised by Ofsted as providing outstanding achievement at high industry standards, at both introductory and professional levels, specifically in Health and Wellbeing were our accredited programmes received the highest designation for its work in Skills.

Our Massage and Complementary therapy courses are taught at "The City Lit Wellbeing Centre” located on Kean Street, a stone’s throw from our main building on Keeley Street in Covent Garden.

The centre has been designed specifically for the delivery of our Massage and Complementary Therapy courses, providing bespoke, well-equipped, high-quality studios, classrooms, and spaces to facilitate professional training by experienced and practising industry professionals who have current knowledge of the massage and complementary therapy industry sectors.

City Lit is also proud to collaborate on and host the UK Massage Championship at its main site on Keeley Street, attracting Complementary Therapists from around the world for an extraordinary celebration of talent and expertise, judged by a host of highly respected industry experts (FHT, ITEC, WMC etc.)