Q Who needs to earn CPD points?

Only Members (MFHT) and Fellows (FFHT) are required to earn CPD points. Students, Associates and Affiliates are not required to complete CPD.

Q When should I send in my CPD?

Only when you receive a request letter or email from FHT. Members are selected at random to send in their CPD.

N.B. If you would like to have a new treatment added to your membership and insurance, please send copies of your certificate to info@fht.org.uk

Q How do I submit my CPD if requested?

Please submit your evidence by email to cpd@fht.org.uk in the first instance. You may scan or photograph your certificates/paperwork, but please ensure that any images are large enough to read all writing. Also, make sure that you attach the images to an email instead of pasting them into the body of the email.

If you do not have access to a scanner or camera, please post copies of your certificates/paperwork to FHT Head Office. When submitting your CPD activity, please ensure this is accompanied by a copy of your CPD log (see CPD guide for an example). 
Q Do I need to submit my entire portfolio?

No. We no longer require you to send in your entire portfolio for review.  Please only submit the evidence relevant to the membership year requested in the original email.
Q Do I need to resend my certificates if you have seen them previously?

No, you do not need to resend your certificates, but we do ask that you confirm via email to cpd@fht.org.uk what training you would like us to consider for your CPD review.

Q What if I can't earn 10 points per year?

We would suggest you discuss other levels of membership with our Membership and Insurance advisers. If you have special circumstances that only affect your points for one year, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this with you.
Q Can I carry over any points if I have more than 10?

No. We no longer allow members to carry CPD points over to the next membership year, so you will be required to earn a minimum of 10 points per year. 

Q How do I know how many points I get for each piece of evidence?

Please see the FHT CPD leaflet. This will give you a breakdown of the FHT points allocation system.

Q How do I know if my certificate is for a short course/further training?

A short course is an add-on course that develops your qualification (e.g. aromatherapy is a qualification, but aromatherapy and cancer care is a short course/further training). These short courses normally require only one or two days of training.

Q Can taster treatments count toward my CPD?

No, not on their own. If you offer taster treatments, you would need to write a reflective practice on the treatment(s) in order for the activity to count toward your CPD.  Please see the FHT CPD leaflet for a step-by-step guide to writing a reflective practice.

Q The course I attended was not run or accreditd by FHT.  Can I still earn CPD points?

Yes. You will still earn CPD points even if the course is not run or accredited by FHT as long as the course is relevant to the therapies you practise. 

Q Can earn points by attending exhibitions?

No. You cannot earn points by simply attending the exhibition, but you can earn points for attending any seminars or workshops offered at exhibitions as long as they relate to the therapies you practise.

Q How do I claim points from completing the International Therapist spiral quiz?

Simply complete the quiz and keep the page or clipping in your portfolio.  When you receive a request letter, you can submit your spiral quiz as part of your CPD evidence and it will be 'marked' during the review. 

If your question has not been answered above or in the CPD leaflet and guide, please feel free to email education@fht.org.uk for further assistance.