Take a look below at the webinars running as part of STEP.

Here we have a range of talks from expert speakers and industry professionals, from Business Advice, New Therapies and the Importance of CPD. Find these categorised under 'Business Webinars' and 'Therapy Webinars'.

Business Webinars

How to Network in Order to Grow Yourself and your Therapy Business - Jane Johnson

Learn practical steps to grow yourself and your business through networking. Using real life examples Jane will explain how networking has helped her, as well as how she has helped other people by being part of their network. Have pen and paper handy as Jane poses questions to help you start your own network.

Watch an introduction video about this seminar here.

Dr Jane Johnson is a physiotherapist with a passion for helping students and qualified therapists to feel confident in their skills and knowledge. She is the author of 7 therapy books: Postural Assessment, Postural Correction, Deep Tissue Massage, Soft Tissue Release, Soft Tissue and Trigger Point Release, Therapeutic Stretching, and The Big Back Book: Tips and Tricks for Therapists.

Starting your Sports Massage Business on a Shoe String - Katie Evans, Katie Evans Sport Massage Mentoring

Starting your sports massage business on a shoe string.
This masterclass covers the basics you need to think about and know to start your own business. The aims are to Become aware of the advantages and disadvantages of being a sole trader. Learn about the initial practical steps needed to start up and start earning money Have an awareness of other essentials needed to run a successful business.

Starting as a therapist over 30 years ago, Katie has experienced decades of being self employed inc being mobile, involved in professional rugby union, worked in a private physio clinic and now runs a successful business. Her passion is to guide therapists from being a beginner to being a business owner sharing her tips, tricks and trips ups she's encountered.

What to Look Out for as a New Therapist - Laura Wooldridge, Hygieia Therapies

Becoming a newly qualified therapist is both an exciting but also nerve wracking time. During this seminar Laura will discuss the common challenges that new therapists face and how to navigate them, from dealing with imposter syndrome, personal and professional boundaries, getting your name out there and more.

Laura has been a self-employed Complementary Therapist for over 17 years, her interest started at a young age where she came across therapies such as aromatherapy and reflexology. With a passion for learning and facilitating development for others Laura has continued to add to her therapy knowledge, specialising in antenatal, postnatal and child therapies along with offering professional therapy training.

How to Keep Clinical Notes that Can’t be Faulted - Jane Johnson

As an Expert Witness for cases involving massage, Jane has read thousands of pages of clinical notes. Today she will share with you common errors she sees and how to avoid these. She will explain how, with the use of simple self-auditing (which she’ll teach you), how you can ensure your own notes are not just good – they’re outstanding!

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Dr Jane Johnson is a physiotherapist with a passion for helping students and qualified therapists to feel confident in their skills and knowledge. She is the author of 7 therapy books: Postural Assessment, Postural Correction, Deep Tissue Massage, Soft Tissue Release, Soft Tissue and Trigger Point Release, Therapeutic Stretching, and The Big Back Book: Tips and Tricks for Therapists.

The Benefits of Becoming Dementia Informed in your Practice - Nicolle Mitchell, Massage for Dementia

Explore why becoming more dementia informed can help you meet the needs of a client living with dementia within your practice and community.
Consider why becoming more inclusive in your practice can be rewarding, increase your skillset as a therapist and open opportunities working with people who may find it hard to ask but may benefit hugely from therapeutic touch.

Nicolle is an award winning massage practitioner with a mission to train therapists, carers and HCPs in becoming dementia friendly in their practice. She works in a trauma informed way combining her personal and professional experience equipping therapists with an immediately useable toolbox to integrate into their own unique style. She also tends a permaculture food forest in Cornwall. #meetmewhereiam

How to Squeeze the Pips Out of CPD! - Jane Johnson

Jane will explain Continued Professional Development (CPD) and how to make it fun. She will provide many examples of how to complete CPD, and will explain where to access and how to use the FHT support materials. Learn to maximise your opportunities for CPD in ways you may not have thought of so that no opportunity is missed!

Watch an introduction video about this seminar here.

Dr Jane Johnson is a physiotherapist with a passion for helping students and qualified therapists to feel confident in their skills and knowledge. She is the author of 7 therapy books: Postural Assessment, Postural Correction, Deep Tissue Massage, Soft Tissue Release, Soft Tissue and Trigger Point Release, Therapeutic Stretching, and The Big Back Book: Tips and Tricks for Therapists.

Managing a Profitable Crystal Healing Business - Jackie Winters, British Academy of Crystal Healing

How crystals can help with Mental Health. A brief insight into the neurological system and crystals, plus the many benefits of running a Crystal Healing Practise.

  • Diversifying with Crystals: Crystal Light Therapy, a non-invasive Beauty treatment.
  • Business sense: Business advice from our business coach who will suggest some simple tips on how to improve your business skills.

Jackie founded the British Academy of Crystal Healing back in 2004 which has achieved 5-star ratings from students, She is the Author of Messages from Mother Earth Divination Cards and has a successful podcast show that attracts regular international listeners. With 40 years of research into energy medicine and crystal healing her extensive knowledge has much to offer students.

Influencing Client Outcomes: Positive Communication and Self-Care - Dr Kate Beaven-Marks, Hypno TC

In this seminar you will learn how to apply positive and directional language in your therapy business, including applications in your business promotion and marketing strategies and working with clients. You will be able to use these methods to enhance your clarity of communication, build rapport and boost client engagement, both in your session and for any self-care.

Dr Kate Beaven-Marks is an energetic, enthusiastic, experienced clinical hypnotist, hypnotherapy trainer, international presenter and author. She applies her extensive practical and theoretical knowledge and significant therapy experience to her teaching, including in NHS hospital environments and has a busy London-based hypnotherapy practice. She is passionate about helping each therapist develop to their fullest potential.

Make Your Time Work for You - Emma Holly, Restore Therapy

As a self-employed therapist it is hard to prioritise which tasks on your ‘to do’ list are most important. Emma talks through some ideas on how you can use your time efficiently across your therapy business, from booking in clients to marketing your treatments.

Emma Holly is a massage therapist who is now a leading specialist in Scar Therapy, providing education around the world for health and wellbeing professionals. She has a clinical practice at Ten Harley Street – London’s most famous street for health professionals.

The Basics of Setting up Your Business - Lee McKinlay, The Wee Therapy Room

It's a basic talk describing the different areas and aspects as a therapist setting up a professional business. Describing different criteria you need to make and different types of bodies you need to register with such as HRMC.

My name is Lee McKinlay. I'm a fully qualified holistic therapist living in Scotland. I have been qualified since 2007 adding different therapies over the last few years.
Setting a therapy business in a business premises as an older therapist has been quite a journey. Bit a rewarding one.

Creating an Online Business as part of your Practice - Victoria Salomon, Ixchel Therapies

Learn how to support your clients 24/7 and get paid for it. Creating or using online tools and health resources that can work for you, whilst educating and supporting your clients. Understanding how you can create or use a specific online system with practices and educational resources to give your client a structure for prevention and recovery.

I'm a published author and creator of The Ixchel System and the Get Into Your Body Methodology. My knowledge and experience in clinic has given me a thorough knowledge of pathologies, pain conditions, orthopaedic assessment and rehabilitation for the joints and muscles in your body. I’m now running a ITEC accreditation practitioner training program to educate therapists internationally.

Recording Information Accurately During Consultations and Obtaining the Most Information Through Effective Consultation - Venia Byrom, Venia's Health Hub

Gaining the most vital information through an effective consultation process. Realising something innocuously could be vital to the outcome of effectively treating them. Years of recruitment experience and effective interviewing has given me the ability to communicate and actively listen to my clients’ needs. Sharing techniques and wisdoms to gain the most out of the consultative process.

Venia runs Venia's Health Hub, an award winning Wellness Hub. Professional and fully qualified Sports Massage and Holistic Therapist, Acupuncturist, Cryosurgery expert, Beauty specialist, Skin clinic and Award winning Fitness professional with over 15 Years International experience. Former Emirates airline senior recruiter, recruiting in over 120 countries as well as former Organisational development specialist with 12 years industry related experience.

THERAPY Webinars

What is a Clinical Aromatherapist and What Does This Allow you to Offer to Your Clients - Penny Price, Penny Price Aromatherapy

I will explain the difference between aromatherapy massage training and clinical aromatherapy training to show the benefits of clinical, along with some pointers to train well. Clinical aromatherapy offers your client more choice of aromatherapeutic treatments, and can be used to help mental and physical well-being and health, as well as some physical conditions that massage just does not cover.

Aromatherapy is my passion! Having trained in 1981 it has been my wole life! I trained to teach in 1983 and opened my Academy and Penny Price Aromatherapy in 2003. I now have venues for training across the world, and supply our naturally farmed essential oil, our lovely vegan skincare and many other aromatherapeutic products online and through our distributors.

Why Acupuncture is a MUST for Health and Wellness Practitioners - Carl Clarkson, Breeze Academy

We will explore the science behind acupuncture, how it is used in modern day clinics, and why it is one of the most sought after treatment modalities within the UK.

Dr. Clarkson has taught acupuncture to healthcare professionals for over 15 years. As CEO of Breeze Academy, Carl leads the academic development and quality assurance of our Acupuncture, Sports Massage, S+C and Yoga teacher training courses.

Using Nutrition to Tame Your Sabre toothed Tiger - Helen Kimber, Hero Lifestyle

Focus on stress and how nutrition can have an impact on both physiology and psychology. Attendees will be given information and easy to use tools they can start to use straight away to help them cope with the stresses they encounter in their daily lives. Helping them feel stronger and more resilient potentially reducing sickness and attrition and increasing morale.

With a Masters’ degree in nutritional medicine, additional studies focusing on disordered eating and eating disorders and an Ayurveda lifestyle diploma. Plus teaching yoga and fitness, Helen has been involved in nutrition education for over 30 years. She runs a private clinic as well as delivering workshops and seminars to groups and businesses focussing on nutrition, yoga and fitness.

Welcome to Self-Help Myofascial Techniques - Amanda Oswald, Pain Care Clinic

Myofascial release is both a powerful hands-on therapy and a very effective self-help technique for many complex chronic pain conditions. In this workshop we practise self-help techniques you can use for yourself and we introduce simple ways to teach your clients how to help themselves. A great add-on to your clinic practice and a relaxing way to spend 30 minutes!

Amanda Oswald is a leading UK myofascial release specialist and author. With a background including advanced bodywork and cognitive hypnotherapy she takes a mind-body approach to healing chronic pain. In addition to her clinic work she offers Practical Myofascial Release training course for therapists and Living Pain Free self-help classes, products and advice for everyone.

Nurturing Touch-The Language Of Love For Babies - Gayle Berry, Blossom and Berry

Nurturing touch for babies is powerful and creates connection between parent and baby that supports emotional, physical and mental health. Learning baby massage enables you to hold space for families to experience love in action, build community and make a change in the world. This ancient art and practice has never been more needed in the modern world.

Gayle is the founder of Blossom & Berry, an expert on baby massage, baby yoga and nurturing care for babies. Gayle has over 20 years of experience empowering others to share the power of nurture and nature for families across the globe. Through her global community the lives of millions of families have been touch through massage.

Elevating Complementary Therapies through Research - Jackie James, Calming Influences

This seminar will give you important information to help you understand why research is important to all of us, how you can learn from research and how you can support research initiatives in your own Therapy.

Based in Hampshire, I have been a complementary therapist and teacher for nearly 25 years, teaching reflexology, aromatherapy and Indian Head massage, with a special interest in fertility and menopause. I am currently completing a professional doctorate at Portsmouth university which is focussing on improving the documentation of complementary therapy research, specifically reflexology.

Products for Complementary Therapists - Jane Eaton

This seminar takes a glimpse at a range of therapeutic skincare products, massage mediums and natural ingredients available to complementary therapists. You will learn about popular products to use in your therapy practice, and the benefits to clients and your business. This seminar will help you to incorporate new products into your treatments and where to source quality products.

Jane Eaton is an experienced multi award winning Complementary Therapist based in the heart of rural Leicestershire. Jane established her practice over 20 years ago and is an experienced teacher and holistic therapist, offering a unique personalised wellbeing service. Jane is a self confessed free spirit and loves travelling. walking in nature and photography.

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) - Anne-Marie McQuaid, Airmid Therapies

Introducing a body re-alignment therapy called Kinetic Chain Release (KCR).
KCR is a simple yet extremely effective system of medically and scientifically recognised and approved series of gentle mobilisations and stretches as developed by Scottish Physiotherapist Hugh Gilbert. This treatment is an excellent add on to your body-work skill set or for anyone starting out on their holistic therapy journey.

Anne-Marie has been a therapist for over 12 years and has grown her business (Airmid Therapies) into a successful practice with a team of 6 experienced therapists, offering disciplines including Massage, Reflexology and Body Realignment (KCR). Anne-Marie has now put some focus on teaching and is delighted to share her knowledge and experience in her own school - Airmid Academy