FHT Statement on coronavirus (COVID-19)

Last updated: 28/02/2022 for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

As your professional association, we fully appreciate the implications COVID-19 has had on both your clients and your therapy practice, and we will continue to offer our advice and support where we can, based on the latest information and guidance provided by the UK governments, NHS and other authorities. Please revisit this webpage regularly, as we will update it as and when new information and guidance becomes available.

28 March 2022

As you you may be aware, with a new government update on 21.02.22, restrictions have changed. From the 24th February 2022, it is no longer mandatory for the public to wear a face covering, however, it is advised to continue doing so for close-contact services such as holistic and well-being practices or if you are in contact with people you do not normally meet. It is up to your own discretion whether you choose to wear and enforce a facemask in your practice. (Please note: For those practicing in Wales from the 28th March 2022, you are legally required to wear a mask in Health and Care settings). 

You will no longer be legally required to self-isolate if you test positive for COVID-19. New guidance advises people who test positive to stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

You will no longer be legally required to self-isolate if you are an unvaccinated close contact, and will no longer be advised to test for 7 days if you are a fully vaccinated close contact. New guidance will set out precautions for reducing risk to yourself and others. 

Businesses are no longer recommended to display NHS QR posters or collect contact details from customers.

The guidelines state that as a close-contact service you should consider:

  • Operating an appointment-only system, to know exactly who is coming in and out of your practice, and to encourage that clients stick to this to avoid more people in the waiting room
  • Ask COVID-19 related screening questions such as if they have symptoms or should be self-isolating
  • Inform clients of personal guidance about visiting the premises before and on arrival, including information on websites, booking forms and entrance ways.
  • Keep up-to-date with signage and visual aids - including posters and information - in the entrance, toilet and waiting room of your practice. 
  • Make hand-sanitiser available on entry and in waiting room
  • Ventilate the room you work in, for example by opening doors and windows
  • Making sure you clean and disinfect or sterilize non-disposable items between clients
  • Where you’re already using PPE in your work activity to protect against non-COVID-19 risks, you should keep doing so. Any use of PPE should be determined by an assessment of risks in the workplace.
  • Provide and complete Coronavirus Risk Asssessments

If you are working in someone else's home, you should consider:

  • Wearing a face covering if you are indoors with someone you do not normally meet
  • Letting fresh air in, for example by opening doors and windows
  • Limit the number of workers within a confined space
  • Ask households to leave all internal doors open, to minimise contact with door handles

For more information, please visit the government website.


Scotland Guidelines

Wales Guidelines

Northern Ireland Guidelines

With regards to treating a client who has tested positive for COVID-19, you would need to defer treatment until they have compoleted at least 7 days of self-isolation after their positive test result, and they have tested negative on day 6 and 7, and then only go ahead with treatment if they are feeling well again.

If a client has been seriously ill due to COVID-19 (for example, they have received medical treatment/been hospitalised) then it would be wise to ask them to consult their doctor regarding when it would be safe to resume treatments.

1 December 2021

As you are most likely aware, it is now mandatory for everyone in England to wear a face covering in retail outlets, both staff and customers, unless they are exempt. 

Following our meeting with the Government’s Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy on the 30 November 2021, it is now mandatory for all our members working as a therapist to wear a face covering, and this also applies to your customers, unless they are exempt.

You must also ensure that you have new signs and posters displayed to let both your staff and customers know.

We know that you are trained to work with the utmost care and hygiene when you are giving treatments to your clients, but please remember to take extra precautionary measures and allow fresh air to circulate as much as possible, to make sure you keep your business well ventilated and continue to make sure you have plenty of hand sanitiser and cleaning supplies.

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On behalf of everyone at the FHT, we wish you continued good health,

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