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The FHT welcomes article submissions from both members and non-members. While we only have room to publish a limited number of articles in the FHT’s quarterly magazine, The Wellness Room, we also regularly publish items on our website, which we provide links to via the magazine, e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and our blog.

Please note that all contributors/authors must complete the FHT Article Permissions Form below when submitting an article for the FHT’s consideration.

General guidelines

Content: The FHT is happy to consider any article that is relevant and may be of interest to its Membership. This includes articles that are more member-focused/experiential in nature, providing these relate to therapy work. Articles that are ‘advertorial’ in nature (i.e. that heavily promote a specific product or training provider) are unlikely to be published. For advertising opportunities, see here. Press releases should be sent to

Format: The article must be supplied as an open Word document, using Arial font (size 12). 1.5 line spacing should be used throughout the document, with single spaces between sentences.

Spelling: Please double-check the spelling of names and technical/medical terms, e.g. muscles, conditions, essential oil properties.

Word count: This will depend on the type of copy submitted, but as a general guide, we suggest:

  • Members’ news: up to 200 words;
  • Features: 500-600 words (single page), 800-1000 words (two pages), 1,500 (three pages).

Editing: All articles submitted to the FHT are subject to editing but where possible, please try to ensure that your article flows well and is reader-friendly.

Publishing: Please note that submitting an article does not guarantee publication. The FHT may also delay (or occasionally withdraw) publishing articles accepted for publication, for a variety of reasons.

Pictures: Supporting pictures must be high-resolution, unless being supplied for web use only. To take high-resolution pictures, please ensure the camera formatting option is set to ‘large’, ‘advanced’ or similar, before the photographs are taken. Where possible, please ensure the background is neutral and uncluttered; that long hair is tied back, jewellery removed, and modesty towels are in place, etc; and if you are an FHT member, please remember to wear your badge!

CPD points: All articles that are published, in The Wellness Room or on the FHT website, are worth three CPD points – simply keep a copy on file. However, please do not specifically write and send in an article to gain CPD points! There are lots of other ways to gain your points, such as attending local group meetings and through reflective practice. Please visit for more information, or call the FHT membership team on 023 8062 4350.

Submitting your article: Please email your article to our editor Molly Denton at, writing ‘TWR Article Submission’ in the subject box, along with your full name. Please ensure you also attach a completed FHT Article Permissions Form. Handwritten letters can be sent to the usual FHT address. 

Need advice?

Further guidance is available on request. Please email Molly Denton at

Article permissions form