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Paul Stuart Morgan-Ayrs (known as Stuart). Psychoanalyst & clinical hypnotherapist, also trained in life coaching, psychotherapy, NLP, counselling, mindfulness & psychology. Trained 1993-96 with Association of Stress Management in Psychoanalysis, stress counselling & Hypnotherapy, since then completed multiple diplomas & MSc Psychology. Specialising in bipolar, anxiety, depression, stress, anger & psychosomatic disorders. Integrative ,analytic with strong influences from Klein, Jung & Lacan. Hypnotherapy used traditionally, also Ericksonian & hypnoanalytic. CBT & counselling skills used where appropriate. CNHC registered MNCP (Senior accredited) Psychotherapist MNACHP Counsellor, hypnotherapist, psychotherapist SSM Analysis, Hypn
Practice name: 
Southside Centre
South Side Centre, 86 Causewayside
United Kingdom
Business telephone: 
07341 968242


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